7 of the Best Wedding Rings for Men

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When people talk about planning for a couple’s big day, it’s often framed relative to the bride-to-be. Pretty lame tradition for any grooms out there who are particularly excited for their wedding. Interesting acquaintances and coworkers will probably ask questions just to the fianceé, or they’ll ask you what your bride’s plans for the big day are: What’s her plan? What’s the design? What venue did she choose? How beautiful is her ring? 

Enough! The groom deserves an equal say—it is 2021 after all. While your input and feelings should be taken into account, you also deserve to have some fun. You got a beautiful ring for your bride, so why not treat yourself to a wedding band that’s as exceptional? 

The Tarkin Carbon Fiber Ring

Not sure where to start looking? We get it. Guys are used to just accepting the traditional gold wedding band. Their ring might have an engraving, at most, but that’s it. But that doesn’t have to be it. Here are several of the best wedding rings for men. Each design is for a different man with unique style, needs, and interests. 

Carbon Fiber

For some guys, a good ring is one that is heavy, one that reminds you of your wife by the sheer weight on your finger. But others don’t want to be weighed down. Carbon fiber solves this debate by providing a ring that is lightweight while being exceptionally durable. 

Carbon fiber is used in many areas where high performance is valued and essential: military gear, aircrafts, racecars, lightweight road bikes. Carbon fiber wedding bands let you carry a piece of technological advancement with you everywhere you go. 


Sometimes jewelry is all about bling. Diamond wedding bands give you just that. Stray away from the traditional and the boring and have your spouse slip a shiny diamond ring onto your finger. The fun doesn’t stop there, though. Our diamond wedding bands can be created with white or black diamonds, so you can craft a style that meets your desires. Best of all, all of our diamonds are certified to be “conflict-free,” which means you don’t have to wonder how they were sourced

The Pharaoh Black Zirconium Ring

Black Zirconium

Tungsten wedding bands are favored by men looking for a durable ring that has a weighted feel. But how about the guys who want something even stronger? How about men’s black wedding bands to soothe the gothic soul? Black Zirconium rings fit the exact mold. They are visually stunning compared to carbon fiber rings, all while being more lightweight and durable than tungsten. Also, just look at how sleek and stylish these rings are. How could anyone turn down wearing one of these bands day in and day out? 


While black zirconium and carbon fiber are incredibly durable, they also don’t do well with particularly corrosive materials or sheer brute strength. The man who makes a living by getting his hands dirty needs something better. 

Silicone rings provide the active, hard-working man with just that. Don’t allow your manly side to be held back any longer. While silicone wedding bands might not be as flashy as some of our other rings, their benefits greatly outweigh whatever aesthetic concerns you might have. Plus, if you’re a soldier, weightlifter, or woodworker and you’ve never heard of ring avulsion, you might think differently after the fact.  

The Europa Meteorite Ring


Do we really need to say more? Our meteorite rings are—literally—out of this world. Every ring inlay is one of a kind, allowing you to carry a piece of the universe with you at all times. Carl Sagan was once quoted saying, “We are all made of star-stuff.” Well, your ring should be, too. 

Rose Gold

Want a traditional ring without being too traditional? Rose gold rings give men just that. A classic-looking ring with a unique twist, rose gold rings are perfect for the man looking to subtly stand out while professing his love.

Dinosaur Bone

Okay, feel free to let your younger self scream with joy. Dinosaur. Bones. In a ring! That’s right. For those hoping to proudly display a full Tyrannosaurus femur on your ring finger, you’re unfortunately out of luck. But our dinosaur bone rings do contain pieces of actual fossilized bones. Can you believe that? 

Beyond that mind-blowing fact, the rings even look unique. Once ground down and placed into the ring, they complete a totally unique look that goes unmatched. So, not only do you have a dinosaur bone in your ring, but you’ll have a ring that no other can replicate. Now that’s a reason to get married. 

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Discover Even More Boss A** Wedding Bands

The above rings are incredible, but they’re not the end of the line. Our ring collections have an endless amount of wedding bands. Still haven’t found your match? Well, you might have been a picky eater when you were a kid, but we get it. That’s why all customers can create custom wedding bands, choosing metals, engraving, inlays, and more. Make your big day even better—for all you know, your ring might even be cooler than your to-be spouses.   


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