An Anime Junkie’s Guide to Finding a Unique Wedding Ring

An Anime Junkie’s Guide to Finding a Unique Wedding Ring

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Any anime junkie knows that it’s a lifestyle. Whether you were the kid who Naruto ran through the hallways in middle school, read manga in your free time, or simply spent your evenings consuming anime with friends, you know how engrossing the genre is. It’s an art form still overlooked in the U.S., but it’s a means of storytelling that goes unmatched. 

If you’re on the path to marriage, you and your spouse might be planning the perfect anime-inspired wedding. If not, you might want to find a way to combine both of your loves at once. The right wedding ring can do just that for you, letting you feel like Goku after finally finding Chi Chi or Naruto Uzumaki finally marrying Hinata Hyuga. Here are just a few perfect rings and how they relate to your favorite animes. 

Carbon Fiber Rings

Is Altered Carbon one of your favorite animes? We can understand why. Even if short-lived, the cyberpunk anime was beyond enthralling, with interesting critiques on society, capital, futurism, and more. The name alone is memorable enough, and that’s why we’re sure you’ll love a carbon fiber wedding ring. Lightweight yet incredibly durable, sleek yet traditional, carbon fiber is an excellent option for anyone looking to make a statement while keeping their favorite show within arm’s length. 

Meteor Wedding Rings 

Talking about favorite animes, maybe you’re an Asteroid in Love superfan. The relatively new series caught the attention of many different viewers, first from the name and the significant episodes to come. Want a wedding ring that hits just at that interest? Meteorite wedding bands are the perfect choice for you. For one, these are a great call back to the recent anime; two, they are made from a meteorite; it’s from outer space! How could you say no to that? 

Dinosaur Wedding Band 

Forget meteorites. They’re incredible, but why not hold a piece of prehistoric history on your hand, something that once roamed the earth? Dinosaur wedding bands provide you with just that. But, damn, if it doesn’t get cooler than that for anime fans. Whether you thought the Pterosaur that abducts Bulma in the original Dragon Ball was hilarious, are most fond of the Fossil Pokémon, or particularly love the recurring appearance of Shenron in Dragon Ball Z, our dinosaur wedding bands will hit a special part of your heart. 

Naruto Shippuden

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Baseball Rings 

Were you the star athlete who loved anime on the side? Or are you just an Ace of Diamond (Diamond no Ace) anime fan?  

You need to check out our baseball rings! Released in collaboration with the MLB, these rings are centered around the baseball greats, from Mickey Mantle to Joe DiMaggio to Ty Cobb. Best of all, the rings feature an engraving resembling the sewn seams of a baseball. Wear your ring with pride and show your spouse you’re determined to stick it through to the end. 

Antler Wedding Rings 

Any true anime fan will be able to tell you their favorite character(s) in a matter of seconds. For some, it might be the standard of Goku, Vegeta, Naruto, Monkey, Sasuke, Kakashi, Hinata, Asuna, so on, and so on. But maybe you’re different. You like to name the lesser character who stole your heart when you first saw them on screen. For you, that might be Tony Tony Chopper. Doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates, Tony is most recognizable for his large antlers. 

Does he still have a hold on your heart all these years later? An antler wedding ring is a perfect choice for you. Made with slivers of real antlers, these rings are as beautiful as they are significant to fans of this particular One Piece character. And think how great you’ll feel when you eat cotton candy while wearing your antler ring. 

Discover Even More Unique Wedding Bands

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Seal the Deal with the Perfect Wedding Ring

If your wedding is coming up soon, there’s no use in waiting any longer to find the perfect ring for you. Stop waiting until the last minute and begin your search today. Put your love for anime to use and find the ring that suits your interests and style. Not sure where to start? Begin searching by ring material to find the men’s wedding band made for you. 

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