Can Silicone Rings Shrink or Stretch? Your Questions Answered

Can Silicone Rings Shrink or Stretch? Your Questions Answered

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The hardworking man needs everything to go his way to ensure he stays safe. But while he needs good luck, he also needs to take every precaution he can. 

One thing many men don’t know about is a thing called ring avulsion. The name doesn’t sound so bad, but, trust us, it is. When a ring gets caught on an object, it has the potential to pull the skin. This sudden, immense force can lead the skin of the finger and hand to get ripped off. 

Yeah. We know. 

That’s the issue of metal rings for a guy who works with his hands. A construction worker, carpenter, athlete, or garbage man could easily get their finger caught on something. And metal rings don’t have any give; that’s the benefit of them to many people—they’re solid and hard to damage. But that can lead to a severe injury for hardworking men.  

a the best man ring

That’s why we love silicone wedding bands. Soft, comfortable, and agile, yet incredibly durable. Silicone rings move with your finger. Easy to get on and off, you don’t have to worry about ring avulsion with these. 

But we said they’re agile, right? So that means they’re flexible? AKA stretchy? 

And if they’re stretchy, can they also shrink? 

Don’t worry. Let’s take a closer look and answer the question “Can silicone rings shrink or stretch?” 

Can silicone rings shrink? 

Let’s get it out of the way: Silicone rings do not shrink. They may be flexible, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to shrink. As they are, they will maintain their size from when they were purchased, so you don’t need to worry about suddenly waking up to a new ring size in the morning with your finger looking like a pinched, purple sausage. It’s not going to happen.

Now, if you read around on the internet, you’ll see some comments that say you can boil water, let your ring sit it in, and it can then be shrunk by manipulation. Think of it as the Dick’s Sporting Goods mouthguard method: Place the mouthguard in boiling water, pull it out, cool it down, and mold it to your teeth. That won’t need to happen here! 

So, if you’re worried about shrinkage, don’t worry. Leave that term for chilly mornings and beach visits. 

a the perry ring

But can they stretch? 

Now, can silicone rings stretch? Sort of. Here’s the thing: You should first of all make sure you buy a ring that fits your ring size. However, when it arrives by mail, you might find that your ring fits a little tighter than you thought it would. 

It’s normal. The ring is brand new, and its flexibility will ensure that the ring eventually fits comfortably to your finger. It won’t stretch too much, as the ring should still fit your finger, but it will do enough until it fits as desired. 

But can it stretch further? We mentioned it getting caught on various things: Is that going to cause the ring to get bent out of shape? For the moment, yes, as silicone rings are designed to. But they’re not meant to stretch to that size forever. 

More aptly put: The flex is momentary, the drip is forever. 

Are they more versatile than metal rings? 

It makes sense if you’re worried about silicone rings. They stretch, after all. Isn’t that bad? 

No! It’s a benefit, as they will still be snug on your finger the rest of the time they are being worn. 

a the robin ring

And what about style? You’ve got rose gold, gold, cobalt chrome, dinosaur bone, and so much more. We have a few different styles of silicone rings, from The Best Man to The Perry to The Robin, each unique in its own right. Moreover, there are multiple colorways available for each ring, allowing you to choose the style and design that fits your aesthetic. So you’re never without options. 

Check Out Our Silicone Wedding Bands 

As you now know, our silicone rings are as durable as they can be. Can they shrink? No. Can they stretch? Not really, but they are flexible when needed—for protection and comfort. The truth is that a silicone ring will fit comfortably on your finger if you get the right size. Know your size, make your purchase, and begin celebrating your marriage every single day. 

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