Commitment Ring Meaning: Is It Different Than a Wedding Band?

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Commitment rings, promise rings, engagement rings. Just when you think you’ve got it all dialed in, it gets more complicated. What’s a commitment ring? Isn’t a wedding band just a commitment ring? Well, technically, you’re right — it is. However, it’s not exactly the same thing, and people will look at you funny if you equate the two.

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What’s a Commitment Ring?

Alright, you’re familiar with the classics. You know all about gold wedding rings. In fact, your dad probably already has one. However, is that band you’ve seen him wear the same as a commitment ring? Nope. In fact, commitment rings likely confuse him. So, for your sake (and his, if he cares), we’ll break down the basics.

A commitment ring is (basically) just a promise ring. Call it a pre-engagement ring if you like. If you want to get really into the weeds of it (and we will later), there are small differences between commitment rings and promise rings. Most people, however, are going to use these terms interchangeably.

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A commitment ring tends to be simpler in terms of styling and easier on the wallet than a wedding band. Granted, if you shop correctly, you can find affordable men’s black wedding bands easily and won’t break the bank on any wedding accessory.

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What Is a Commitment Ring for?

Well, commitment. Not obvious enough? Okay, it’s a bit more than just that. Obviously, it’s a show of commitment, but what level of commitment? Generally, a commitment ring shows a level of commitment that says you’re more than just seriously dating, but you aren’t ready to get married just yet. Is it a tad confusing? Sure. Is it for everyone? No. Is it for you? Maybe!


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Who Should Get a Commitment Ring?

The general idea of this type of ring goes something like this: “I love you, I see this as a really serious relationship moving towards marriage, but I’m not ready to get married yet.” In most cases, this is going to be because of financial reasons or your life state getting in the way. 

The commitment ring is a great show of fidelity, especially at times when marriage just isn’t an immediate possibility for whatever reason. Maybe you’re young, maybe you’re waiting until you finish med school to get married, maybe you’re just a bit overzealous about giving rings.

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Commitment Rings vs. Promise Rings

Alright, we’ve established commitment rings are different than wedding bands. However, are they the same as promise rings? Technically, no. Functionally, they are for most people. However, a commitment ring can be given at any point, and the meaning is a little more nebulous than the promise ring. Whereas a promise ring is a sign of a future, desired engagement, the commitment ring doesn’t really have a universal symbolism.

Commitment rings can even be given after marriage if you like — marking the main difference between promise rings and commitment rings. While promise rings are always simpler, commitment rings can be more ornate (though they usually tend to be simple as well).

The most important part here is that you communicate the meaning behind the commitment ring when giving it. If you aren’t deliberately communicative and on the same page, you’re gonna be in for a bumpy ride. 

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