How to Make a Ring Fit Better

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Let’s get real, guys. When you were dating, you were at your trimmest. You were in the game, after all, trying to woo Tinder dates so you could seal the deal. Eventually, you found the one you couldn’t live without. Months later, you ended up engaged, and now you’ve been married for a few years. 

Although your marriage is still fresh, you’ve also got a new house, dog, kid and another child on the way. That stress adds up. But you’ve also relaxed some. You no longer need to make a great first impression, y’know? Rather than carrying around a six-pack, you’re lugging a keg everywhere you go if you catch our drift. 

Or maybe, on the opposite side of the spectrum, you ended up losing weight. Maybe you reconsidered your habits and made a life change, for the betterment of your health and for your family. 

Either way, your body has gone through a change. Weight gain or loss happens. Just as it affects your clothes, it can affect your wedding ring, too. 

How do you make a ring fit better? There are a few different ways to resize your ring, but choosing how you’ll resize depends on whether your ringer has gotten tighter or looser on your finger. 

When It’s Time to Resize

It’s pretty apparent when your ring isn’t fitting as it should. Some signs that your ring is too big include: 

  • Your ring occasionally falls off.
  • It’s easy to take your ring off. 
  • Your ring spins even around the base of your finger.

On the opposite end, some signs your ring has become too small for your finger include:

  • Your ring is causing you pain.
  • You feel your finger going numb.
  • It feels impossible to take your ring off. 

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You Don’t Always Need a Resize 

While you might be experiencing some of the above, you need to consider what’s causing these reactions. Fingers can shrink and swell for different reasons. Shrinking is usually brought on by cold weather and weight loss, while swelling is caused by hot weather and weight gain. It could even be related to an inflammatory disease, allergies, and more. 

Most of these will not require you to permanently resize your ring. However, if you notice that the issue is consistent, it might be time to consider taking action. 

Non-Permanent Resizing 

When it comes to non-permanent resizing, we’re talking instances where a ring begins fitting loosely. Why? You can always add to a ring, but you can’t take it away without it being permanent. 

A few options to consider for loosely fitting rings include: 

Spring Insert

A spring insert is a little horseshoe-shaped spring placed at the bottom quarter of your wedding band. The metal spring will flex to your finger, giving you space while you insert your finger, all while springing back against your knuckle to ensure your ring fits snuggly on your finger. 

Sizing Beads

One of the simplest methods of resizing for large rings is to use sizing beads. These are two small metal balls which are placed on the inside of your ring. This is an easy fix for a jeweler, as it requires little work while being highly effective. This is the best option for people who only need to size down by a half-size to full-size, as the beads will feel unobtrusive.

Sizing Bar

Sizing bars are another option for wearers who don’t want little metal nibs to constantly be resting against their fingers. Sizing bars are U-shaped bars that sit along the bottom of your ring. Also known as fold-over devices, they feature a hinge and latch, which open to allow you to slip your ring onto your finger, all while clasping it closed once you find a size that’s comfortable for daily wear. 

This is the best option for people who need significant resizing, as they can resize rings up to several sizes. 

Adjustable Shank

Another option to consider is an adjustable shank. No, this isn’t something you’d create in a prison cell. Adjustable shanks involve inserting a hinge into your ring. This is the perfect solution for wearers with larger knuckles: It allows them to get rings that fit their finger properly, without having to size large enough to fit over their bumpy knuckles.

Think of it like a traditional clasped earring, where the ring is closed by clasping the shank closed. This requires the ring to be cut, and it should only be done with malleable metals that can handle the work, such as platinum or gold. 

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Find your ring is far too narrow for your finger? It might be time to take drastic measures. Sometimes a ring needs to be sized up. To do so, extensive work will need to be done. But you don’t need to always resize what you have. It might be time to consider new men’s wedding bands, finding a ring that better fits your current life and relationship. 

Whether you need to resize up or down, it might be time to start looking at new rings. Take a look around at our wedding ring collections, and you may find the ring of your dreams.

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