What Is the Meaning of Rings on Fingers?

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You might not think too much about what the rings on each finger mean. That’s perfectly fair. Frankly, the meaning of rings on fingers is mostly convention, and you don’t have to buy into it. That said, other people buy into it, and it’s worth noting the message you’re sending when you wear a ring on a specific finger. 

You might accidentally be sending the wrong vibe, and we can’t have that — so we’re here to get you sorted. If you have the attention span of a stereotypical Millennial, though, we’ve got an explanation of what rings mean on each finger in video form, so have at it. Reading is hard.

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How Many Rings Can You Wear at Once?

You’re still reading when you could be watching a video? There’s hope for the world, and it’s you. No pressure.

There’s no hard and fast rule on how many rings to wear at once, but you probably don’t want to wear more than two or three in total. If you’re a really fashionable dude and want to wear a couple of rings on each hand, have at it. Call us old school, but we’re ring minimalists. A couple of rings feels like enough, but again, there aren’t strong rules on this one.


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What Is the Meaning of Rings on Fingers?


Thumb rings are often thought of as conveying strength and power. Is that a bit hokey? Maybe. However, consider the fact that the thumb is separate from the other fingers and lends itself best to chunkier rings. Whether the meaning was there before or after we realized that the thumb best fit large rings is hard to say. Kind of a chicken/egg thing.

Index Finger 

The pointer finger is for making a statement. Granted, it’s generally considered rude to point, so use this one wisely. Class rings and other statement pieces are often going to go here. If you’re wearing a ring on your index finger, it’s one you want to show off, so choose wisely.

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Middle Finger

No, don’t be a child. It’s not like that. There’s no real symbolism on this one. Sorry to burst your bubble. You could make the case that it has a similar meaning to the index finger because of its length and prominence relative to the other fingers, so maybe a cocktail ring goes well here. A statement piece, like a carbon fiber ring, could also work really well on your middle finger.

Ring Finger

This is the obvious one and probably the only one you knew before reading this article. The classic gold wedding bands go on this finger, and it’s the symbol of love, marriage, commitment and all that other good stuff. You’re signaling to the world that you’re taken. For most people throughout the world, this is the left ring finger, but some countries opt for the right one instead.

If you just want to have a quiet evening at the bar without being approached, even if you’re single, this is the finger to wear the ring on as well.

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Pinky Finger

This tends to be where a signet ring is worn. Granted, it’s not exactly popular to wear signet rings anymore, but it’s a trend that seems to be making a slight comeback. Consider a small and significant ring if you want to go for the pinky ring look. Unless you’re like 50 Cent or something, skip the gaudy pinky ring and go for something tasteful.

Meanings of rings are kind of nebulous and ever-changing, so take them with a grain of salt. It’s still worth knowing what you might accidentally be conveying, though, so do with this information what you will.

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