Rose Gold vs. Yellow Gold vs. White Gold: Your Guide to the Wedding Band Gold

Rose Gold vs. Yellow Gold vs. White Gold: Your Guide to the Wedding Band Gold

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Well, look at that. You and your partner have been engaged for months and, wouldn’t you know it, your wedding is right around the corner. Hopefully, you’ve got a few blocks until you reach the corner, though, as you have yet to get your wedding ring. 

Big oof. Suddenly you feel rushed and stressed out. You need to plan your wedding, get prepared for the big day and finally tie the knot. But none of that will do unless you have a men’s wedding band that can be placed around your finger. 

But what’s the right wedding ring for you? As our name shows, we’re all about providing men with the manliest wedding bands imaginable. Unique, one-of-a-kind and personal: Our rings are fit for kings, hunters, craftsmen and everything in between. 

But where do you even begin if you don’t know the basics of wedding rings? No worries, man. We don’t expect you to be an expert on rings – you’ll likely never have worn one before. And that’s why we’re here to help. 

If you’re unsure where to start, you can never go wrong with tradition: gold wedding rings. There’s no one gold ring, though – *Gollum begins intensifying*. Rather, there’s a whole bunch of gold rings out there, waiting for you to find them. But it’s worth knowing their differences, from the jump, so you can get started off on the right foot. 

The Gold Rings 

When we talk about gold wedding rings, there are a few different kinds that are worth considering. The long-standing debate of which reigns supreme still holds to this day. It’s like Joe Frazier versus Muhammad Ali, the Boston Red Sox versus the New York Yankees, but a threesome. Wait. Ugh. Let’s continue. 

ManlyBands’ The Baron

What we’re talking about is the long battle of … drum roll, please

rose gold vs. yellow gold vs. white gold

If you’ve never heard of rose gold and white gold, this is all new territory for you. But that’s the excitement of ring shopping! There are many different materials to choose from, and all can match your specific aesthetic to a T. 

The differences between rose gold vs. yellow gold vs. white gold are pretty incredible. Get this: Their most obvious difference is their color

Okay, enough of us being buttheads. The key difference between them is their color, and that’s a significant difference. Your choice of rose, yellow or white gold will depend on your personal tastes. But it goes a level deeper, too: the three golds also vary in their overall value, which will depend on their overall composition of gold. 

But understanding their differences requires further inspection. Let’s take a deep dive together to better understand how the three golds compare to one another. 

rose gold ring material

Rose Gold

Rose gold, sometimes called pink gold or red gold, varies from yellow (traditional, natural) gold because it is a combination of both gold and copper. 

Rose gold has a fascinating history to it. It was first created in 19th century Russia by the illustrious Carl Faberge, who developed the composite for use in his Faberge Eggs. However, this Russian Gold wouldn’t stay in Russia forever, as it quickly moved across the globe, being used in traditional jewelry by women all over. The love for rose gold came from its feminine look – or, we should say, its stereotypically feminine look for the time. 

Soon enough, rose gold was being used in earrings, engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces and more. And, in no time, the metal started being used in men’s jewelry just the same, meant to evoke an emotional awareness and artistry that stood out from traditional, drab mid-century male style. 

Now, composition: As mentioned above, rose gold is created by combining yellow gold with copper. The higher the copper content, the more reddish/pinkish your rose gold ring will look. Sometimes we’ll even add in some silver to produce a lusher-looking rose gold. With these rings, it’s less about providing a protective plating to the outside of the ring – not at all. Rather, the entire ring is a composite of yellow gold and copper to provide a ring that truly shines. 

Generally, rose gold jewelry tends to look best on warmer skin colors, as it will help it POP. 

yellow gold band material

Yellow Gold

Now, we’ve mentioned yellow gold above. We also mentioned it being the natural, traditional gold. And, traditionally, a 24-karat gold ring is 100% pure gold. But most gold rings are not 24K. 

Why is that? Well, you might want to be rocking that pure gold ring, but you’re going to have to spend a lot more money to get it. And there’s another problem, too: 24K gold is rather weak: It gets damaged and scratched very easily. It can get damaged and ruined in a number of different ways, so it’s not the best idea to wear a 24K gold ring. 

That’s why we, at Manly Bands, normally make our gold rings with 14K gold. Now, why 14K? We use 14K gold because we will create our rings by adding zinc and copper. The reasons we do this are multi-faceted: 

  • It keeps our rings affordable.
  • Zinc and copper are more durable metals, which will save your ring from considerable scratching and damage.
  • It adds a brightness to the ring that 24K gold doesn’t have, with tints of silver and rose peeking through your wedding band.

Generally, yellow gold looks good on any person of any skin color. You should make your choice based on your personal style, whether you’re someone who normally wears gold jewelry or silver. If you tend toward silver jewelry but still want to wear a gold ring, you’ll want to consider white gold. 

white gold ring material

White Gold

Want a silver-looking ring, like platinum, but don’t want to spend the precious metals price? White gold is the choice for you. White gold is often made with nickel, at a higher percentage of composition than our yellow gold rings. This makes white gold both more durable and stronger than yellow gold. 

It should be said that it will require more maintenance than both rose gold and yellow gold, though. Why? Because of its silvery appearance, you’ll need to regularly clean and polish your wedding ring. It’s also recommended that you take your ring to a professional jeweler every few years for general maintenance, whether that’s polishing out any scratches or (decades out) coating your ring with rhodium to maintain its luster while protecting it from further damage. 

White gold rings generally work on any skin tone, but it’s believed to look best on pale and rosy complexions, as it will pair better by merely blending in with your skin tone. 

What about plating? 

So, we mentioned rhodium plating. Why is rhodium preferred as a ring coating for white gold rings? 

Rhodium is, technically, similar to platinum. It has a silver color that matches perfectly with white gold. Moreover, it’s used by jewelers to coat and preserve white gold rings for longevity. Rhodium generally has good strength. A coating of it adds an extra layer of protection to your white gold ring.

ManlyBands’ The Fireball

And best of all? It’s hypoallergenic, so it will continue to work well on your finger. 

In general, our white gold rings do not feature rhodium coatings, as we’d prefer to provide you with rings exactly as they are. We recommend having a professional jeweler plate your ring after a few years of wearing it. You’re bound to have some slight ring wear and tear at that time, and the coating will help give your ring a brand new life. 

Finding Your Best Ring 

As we’ve mentioned, red gold vs. yellow gold vs. white gold vary in their appearance, most of all. With that in mind, you need to ask yourself some questions to figure out what ring works best for you. 

How does it fit your style? 

One of the main things you want out of a wedding ring is one that fits your overall style. No one will know your personal style better than you, although it might equally help to ask your spouse-to-be for their opinion. For instance, show them a few rings that caught your eye and ask them, “What ring best embodies my personality?” 

Looking for a few styles to consider? Here are just two of many wonderful gold rings: 

Are you the type of guy who everyone else wishes they could be? The man with style, sophistication, grace and class? You’re the guy that is always prepared to show your strengths, and you are unafraid to utilize your weaknesses. The Affluence rose gold ring is the perfect ring for you. 

ManlyBands’ The Affluence

On the other side, are you the guy who is the embodiment of power and nobility, strength and fortitude? If so, chances are you’re the guy who isn’t afraid to be themselves. You never shy away from embracing your abilities, even if it means you have to stand out from the crowd – personally, you like being different, even better than others. Our yellow gold ring, The Baron, is the ring for you. A ring fit for a king! 

How does it fit your lifestyle? 

You’ll also want to consider what your day-to-day life looks like. For instance, are you the man who rarely works with their hands? If so, you can safely get away with wearing a pure gold ring, as you don’t have to worry about scratches, dings and dents. 

But what about the businessman who likes to get down to physical labor now and then? If so, you should consider The Diplomat. Made of white gold, it’s more durable than rose gold or yellow gold, which makes it perfect for the guy who likes to run between the office and the gym, the boardroom and their art studio. It’s for the man who brings everyone together and can put a smile on anyone’s face. 

Maintain your ring. 

Your ring choice will also be affected by how much work you want to put into maintaining your ring. Rose gold and yellow gold are traditionally malleable rings, which are prone to damage. Corrosive materials have a large effect on them, and scratches and dents will appear with ease if you don’t pay attention. However, you won’t have to necessarily polish a gold ring. It’s smart to do it every so often, but you don’t have to do it regularly. 

manly bands white gold ring

White gold will require more maintenance, though, due to its platinum appearance. However, it is more durable than yellow or rose gold, which makes it a better choice for people who use their hands throughout the entire day. 

Choosing the Perfect Gold Wedding Band

Finding the perfect wedding band is no easy task, but it’s a journey worth taking on to solidify the love you feel for your spouse. Start your search by looking at our collection of unique wedding rings. You’re sure to find the ring of your dreams in no time.

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