Seven Witty Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Seven Witty Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

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A wedding ring is a huge investment, so you gotta make sure you find the PERFECT one because it’ll be an almost permanent accessory on your finger. That’s why we offer custom wedding rings, here at Manly Bands. We want to give you, the almighty shopper, complete control over your ring. You can make it look and feel however you want, bro, because you’re the man.

One awesome perk of customizing a wedding band with us is the engraving aspect. You can pick all kinds of cool and witty stuff to get carved onto your beautiful new piece of jewelry. It makes your new wedding band much more personal and really adds to the sentimental value. Intriguing, right?

An Important Date

Dates are some of our more common engraving ideas. And it makes sense, once you think about it. How many important dates are there over the course of a relationship? You can go with your first date, the date you proposed, your wedding anniversary, each other’s birthdays, or any other significant date!


This is where it gets real fun ... you can also engrave words or phrases onto your wedding band. You can have up to 35 characters engraved onto your wedding band, so you gotta pick and choose carefully because, much like in a tweet, each character matters. The message can either be typed out or you can upload a handwritten phrase. The handwritten option makes it feel a little more personal, but a typed message may look a bit better because some of us write in “shorthand.”

Look, man, there’s endless options here. You can engrave whatever your heart desires. Names, initials, a song lyric, religious verses—the list could go on and on. Here’s a couple of phrase ideas if you’re struggling to find the perfect one ...

  • I Love You

Those three words mean everything in a relationship, which is why they’re perfect for wedding ring engravings. But if you want to get creative and witty, say it in a different language. Whether you want to embrace your heritage or show off your second language skills, it’s a great way to make your ring more unique, bro. You can say “ti amo” in Italian, 我爱你 in Chinese, or whatever language you like, dude. There’s no shortage of dialects out there.

  • Wedding Hashtag

One more specific and witty phrase idea is a #WeddingHashtag. If you got married within the social media era, you probably (nay, definitely) had one. Gotta drive that digital engagement up somehow, are we right, bro? These hashtags are usually clever puns involving the bride’s and groom’s first and/or names used leading up to and during the wedding. They look great plastered on invitations and social media, so why wouldn’t they look great plastered ... err ... carved onto your wedding band?

couple sitting at desk laughing

Inside Jokes

A modern-day philosopher once said “I love inside jokes, and I’d love to be a part of one someday.” Well, now you can, bro. You and your spouse can have your favorite joke engraved on your wedding band. Maybe it’s a short phrase, saying, or just anything that makes you two laugh and think fondly of a certain moment ... it would look great on your custom ring.


Few things in life are more picturesque than a beautiful skyline, especially if that city holds a special place in your heart. Everybody knows the feeling when you first lay eyes on the skyline from the car or plane. Well, you can recreate that fleeting feeling and have the skyline engraved on your wedding band!

The skyline can be any city of significance in your relationship, or it can just be one where you love the image. Where you live, where you first met, where you got married, where you honeymooned—the choice is yours, bro. Think about how badass your wedding band would look with the Empire State Building or Willis Tower accentuated against the metal.

sound waves equalizer


Soundwaves are another awesome engraving idea. You can record yourself saying something and have the soundwaves carved onto the ring. Say each other’s names, I love you, or whatever you want—doesn’t matter, we can make it happen. It not only means something powerful, but the wave patterns look super cool, right, bro?

You’re now ready to start customizing your wedding band. What are you waiting for? Click here and get the ball rolling! You’ll have your new wedding ring in no time!

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