The Perfect Match: A Wedding Ring for Every Personality

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We don’t want to freak you out, but the wedding ring you pick will be on your finger for…, well eternity (if all goes according to plan, of course). What we’re saying is, you’re gonna wanna take the time to pick out a style that’s completely and totally YOU, whether your idea of a fun Saturday involves guns, garages, guitars, or a mix of all three. Luckily, the selection of unique men’s wedding rings for sale at Manly Bands features a style for every personality type.

Pick This Ring if You’re the …

  • ‘Let’s Pitch a Tent’ Type: The Journeyman – Your perfect weekend is one spent out in the woods, preferably with no cell phone service - and maybe a mountain to climb and a river to fish. The Journeyman is your ring, grounded in tungsten carbide, Koa wood, deer antler, and turquoise. It’ll remind you of the great, big outdoors awaiting you...
The Journeyman
  • Suit-and-Tie Type: The CEO – Even if you’re not the boss, you’re definitely boss material. The CEO is a 14-karat gold-plated tungsten ring that’s right at home behind an executive desk, especially when styled with a fresh-from-the-cleaner’s suit and a pair of perfectly polished cap-toe Oxfords.
  • Astronomy Club Type: The Armstrong – If the idea of being cemented in eternity is your jam, you’re a match for a meteorite wedding ring. This is the ring for the guy who owns the complete works of Carl Sagan and who calls off work when there’s a partial solar eclipse (good move, by the way). It’s named after one of our lifelong heroes, too.
The Armstrong
  • The Mischievous Yet Resourceful Type: The Instigator – You’re always hatching up a stealthy plan of action to spice things up. Boring is the exact opposite of your personality - you’re continuously embarking on something new and exciting. The Instigator is a unique ring that always catches the attention of others, and for good reason. This baby is crafted from tungsten carbide and features a shimmer of rose gold plating, with a sideline of black to keep that gold secret just between us. It’ll match hers, be a pretty in pictures, and when on, no one will ever know your distaste for rose gold…and we won’t tell.
The Instigator
  • ‘I Only Like Their Early Stuff’ Type: The Lewis – We get it, you liked The Black Keys before they won a Grammy. You’re the guy who’s on a first-name basis with the owner of the local record store (hell, maybe you are the owner of the local record store), and who has more than once considered quitting your day job to join an indie band. You need The Lewis, made with maple wood and guitar strings.
The Lewis
  • The Record-Breaking Type: The BallerYou slay on the court. Your sneaker collection deserves its own blog (maybe it already has one). You broke school records in high school. This sleek black plated tungsten ring is durable and comfortable enough to rock while you’re crushing your workout of the day or finishing your fifth marathon of the year, all without barely breaking a sweat.
The Baller
  • The Brooding Type: The Cowboy – Introspection is kind of your thing. If you weren’t doing what you do, you’d probably be a poet or an artist. Your spouse-to-be loves you because you’re intensely unique and you aren’t afraid to show it. You’ve got a cowboy soul, and the brooding combo of tungsten carbide and Koa wood is perfect way to showcase it.
The Cowboy
  • Man for All Seasons Type: The Kennedy – You’re a veritable renaissance man, so you need two rings: one for the weekend—hunting, grilling, crushing it on the golf course, etc.—and one for the weekdays. The Kennedy is the perfect solid gold option for classic guys who want a traditional style that goes with everything.
The Kennedy

Don’t Fence Me In

Maybe you’re the “can’t-be-pigeon-holed” type. Maybe you’re a CEO Monday through Friday and a cowboy on the weekend. That’s totally cool, and we get it. With Manly Bands’ custom men’s wedding rings, you can design your own band to suit your personality so you never feel boxed in. You’ll be pumped to wear yours for eternity or even if you want to switch up your style and have a few Manly Bands to choose from!

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