Wearing Wedding Bands Before the Wedding: Is It Bad Luck?

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If you put your wedding band on just before you walk into the church, does your marriage still count? Luckily, yes. However, as excited as you may be to put on your gold wedding ring, you may still feel a little weird about doing so before the wedding ceremony itself. We’ll spoil the ending for you — there’s no reason you can’t, but no one’s going to force you to, either.

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Wedding Superstitions

Over the years, there have been plenty of wedding superstitions and generally odd traditions. Therefore, the idea that wearing your wedding band before the ceremony is bad luck isn’t all that wild.

So, are you allowed to wear your ring before the wedding? Yes, of course. Now, that’s not to say it won’t feel a little odd. It probably will feel weird if we’re being honest with you.

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Is There Any Legitimate Reason to Not Wear the Ring Beforehand?

Well, you could make a case for it, we think. There’s something sort of romantic about putting on your sleek men’s black wedding band as you exchange vows. It won’t ruin the moment to have worn it before, but we think there’s something kind of cool about putting that bad boy on ice and only taking it out at the ceremony.

Other than decorum and just the general vibe of it, there’s no reason you can’t wear your bands beforehand. If you just can’t wait to wear it, have at it.

Do Guys Wear Rings Before the Wedding?

So, some dudes do. That said, it’s significantly less common to find a guy wearing a wedding band before marriage. Really, there aren’t that many dudes out there wearing engagement rings. Of course, that trend is changing, and more guys are wearing them, but it’s still not the norm.

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All this to say, you aren’t required to wear any sort of ring before you get married. Technically, you’re never required to wear a ring — well — ever. However, if you want to wear a ring before the wedding, an engagement ring likely makes more sense.

Why Would You Want to Wear Your Ring Before the Wedding?

Probably the biggest reason you’d want to is because it’s more economical. If you’re using the same ring as an engagement ring and wedding ring, why wouldn’t you wear your wedding band before the ceremony? If the ring is pulling a double shift, you would absolutely want to wear it beforehand.

Otherwise, maybe you’re just really excited to get a look at it and see how you look wearing it. No harm in that — we get it. It’s your ring. Throw it on your toe if you like. We don’t recommend that, but it is your ring.

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Look, the short of it is that, no, it’s not bad luck. Most wedding traditions and superstitions are for fun or to be in touch with your family's culture. Most couples aren’t really worried about bringing bad luck upon their house. They’re mostly just worried about the meaning behind the actions themselves.

Wear the ring beforehand, leave it in the box until the wedding day, whatever. There’s no right answer here, but we promise you won’t have bad luck.

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