What Does a Black Wedding Band Mean?

What Does a Black Wedding Band Mean?

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Searching for the perfect wedding ring takes time. Depending on your perspective, it can either be a ton of fun or a total stressor. But it’s worth taking your time. There are so many types of wedding rings out there, as well as custom men’s wedding bands, and you never know what you might find: dinosaur bone, rose gold, cobalt chrome, deer antler, and more. 

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But did you know about black wedding bands? We’re not talking about black metal bands like Mayhem or Darkthrone; we’re talking about black metal wedding rings. From black plated tungsten to black zirconium wedding bands, you have many different rings to choose from. 

As cool as they sound, what does a black wedding band mean? Is it for the black-hearted soul? The man who fights for global equality? The guy who isn’t afraid to show his emotions? 

Here’s the breakdown on black metal rings. 

Wearing Your Emotions on Your Sleeve 

You might not be the dark heart of your friend group, but you are the person who wears every emotion on your sleeve: happiness, sadness, anxiety, love, timidness, boisterousness. A gold wedding band is just too straightforward for you. You need a ring that stands out from the crowd; one that allows you to present every part of your heart and mind, just as they are. 

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Equality for All

Some groups of advocates will wear black clothing and jewelry as a symbol of equality for all. For wedding rings, that often revolves around marriage equality. With many same-sex couples having to settle for civil unions, people will shirk gold rings for black rings to call out the inequality held in traditional marriages. 

Similarly, black rings and jewelry have come into prominence in recent years in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. While it won’t change the world, it will bring attention to issues that need to be addressed. That incremental change, affecting one person at a time, can lead to fundamental shifts in acceptance around the world. 

Represent Your History 

Black onyx was used in jewelry as far back as the olden Chinese, Greek, and Roman empires. The rings were used for wedding ceremonies, to commemorate soldiers for their service, to prove their identity, and to symbolize the strength and determination of some citizens. 

A black ring will be right for you whether you’re a history nerd or want to represent your heritage. Sometimes the tradition means the most. It’s like reaching into the past and reusing the aspects of love from dynasties long gone but never forgotten. 

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Practicality for the Working Man

Hard-working men need hard-working rings. Whether they work in construction, carpentry, or geoenvironmental engineering, they need a ring that can stand up to the elements. 

Our black rings meet those needs, helping men avoid risks and pitfalls such as broken or scratched rings—or, at worse, ring avulsion—we apologize in advance for bringing this to your attention. Black silicone rings and carbon fiber rings are our top choices for men that need a ring to stand up to the elements.  

Silicone rings are affordable, firm, yet stretchy, allowing them to move with your finger rather than causing potential injury. Meanwhile, carbon fiber rings are as tough as wedding bands get, standing up to the toughest strikes, hits, and falls, and never cracking under pressure.  

For the Black at Heart 

When we talk about the color black, we tend to think of the macabre. Death, ghosts, horror movies, things that go bump in the night. Some live for that personal flare, as it’s a reminder of how precious life really is. 

If you love to let your inner goth scream, a black wedding band is perfect for you. Wear it as a symbol of pride—a personal statement for everyone to see. 

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Whether you want to let your inner goth sing or need it for practicality, you should consider wearing black wedding bands. Do your research and find the ring that fits your needs and desires. And don’t be afraid to see if you can cast a spell with it. It’s worth a shot, right? 

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