A Wedding Ring for Every Theme: Tips on Matching Your Rings & Ceremony Decor

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At Manly Bands, we strive to incorporate style and flair into everything we do, and we want to help our customers look and as feel fresh as can be in any setting, especially at your wedding! But how exactly can we help YOU? Here’s one way... we’re gonna show you how to match your wedding rings with the ceremony decor. We understand the importance of looking slick, and we’re here to guarantee YOU look like a million bucks on your big day … and beyond!

Outdoors Theme

There are so many different wedding theme options out there, bro—like SO many. You and your partner can really use your imagination and get creative with it. But we’re gonna run through a bunch of popular wedding themes and pair them with some of our badass rings. Ready, BREAK.

We begin with the great outdoors. Now, what is your rustic wedding gonna look like? Maybe it’s at a cabin, lodge, or barn? Or it’s decorated with lots of trees, branches, stumps, and leaves …  we mean, what wedding wouldn’t look beautiful against a backdrop of fall foliage? 

The Vespucci Wood Wedding Ring

The Vespucci Wood Wedding Ring

We have three excellent options if you’re looking to match your ring with the agrarian atmosphere: wood, deer antler, and camouflage. These materials are used to make inlays that complement bands of other materials like tungsten, titanium, and black zirconium, but we even have bands made entirely of wood like The Vespucci and The Wyatt. They add a lil’ pizazz to your outfit and will look dope against the nature scenery. 

Beach Theme

Who doesn’t love a beach wedding? You get to catch some rays, feel the sand in your toes, and enjoy a pina colada (or several). You find your beach, and we’ll help you find your rings. We have some awesome blue rings like The Model and The Washington to match the picturesque color of the ocean. 

 The Washington Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

The Washington Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

And, if you prefer catching waves rather than just watching them, The Surfer is for you. Like dude just take a look at the tungsten with Koa Wood and a turquoise inlay … shaka, brah! But, FYI, if you plan on taking a dip in the water at some point—the number of pina coladas consumed may or may not play a role here—you need to make sure your wedding band is waterproof

Sports Theme

If every day is gameday for sports fanatics, then the wedding day is their Super Bowl. Sports-themed weddings are a great idea for couples whose devotion to their teams comes slightly behind their devotion to each other. With so many ways to get your game (wedding?) on, we want to give you options. That’s why we have an ENTIRE sports collection for our superfan customers. 

If you’re getting married at an elegant country club with a beautiful golf course, The Double Eagle would be the ideal complement to your green jacket. If you wish you were a baller … well, your wish can come true with The Chamberlain and its basketball engraving. Perfect for any hardwood-themed wedding. 

And what about a wedding decorated with America’s pastime in mind? Several of our rings like The Home Run have baseball stitch engravings, so your ceremony will be a real … wait for it … wait for it … HOME RUN! Sorry, bro, you lob us a softball, we’re hitting it outta the park. 

High Class and High Society

If you want to class it up for your wedding, we highly encourage it. Weddings are monumental events, so who’s to stop you from going all-out? Well, if you’re gonna put on a classy, elegant, Gatsby-style gala for your wedding, what type of ring are you gonna need? Diamonds, of course. These sophisticated rings will match the extravagant decorations and fashion. And the best part of our diamond rings is their versatility... they’re available in bands of all different colors and styles. 

 The Dark Knight Black Zirconium

The Dark Knight Black Zirconium

We have The Dark Knight and its black zirconium band, The Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds with a 14k gold band, The Perfection with the shiny silver of cobalt chrome, and so many more. They’re not just a girl’s best friend anymore, bro. Imagine the diamond’s sparkle on your finger as you raise your glass of champagne for a toast. It’s so beautiful, it almost brings a tear to the old sport’s eye.

Look, bro, there are so many ways to match your wedding ring to your ceremony’s ~aesthetic~ and, if you’re having trouble finding the perfect match, we have another solution. Get in the lab! We let our customers create their own custom rings too! Get creative and combine materials, colors, engravings, and whatever else you want to make YOUR unique ring! Peace, bro, and shop our badass wedding rings today so you’re ready to match on your big day!