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Is There Such Thing as a Waterproof Wedding Ring?

Is There Such Thing as a Waterproof Wedding Ring?

You ever think about how often your hands come in contact with water? You already wash them a lot (even more so, nowadays), PLUS there’s rain, water from a day at the pool or beach, and the condensation from an ice cold one. Since your wedding ring is always on your finger, it’s gotta be able to handle its water. But are wedding rings ACTUALLY waterproof? Let’s find out in this investigative report.

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant 

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s clarify something real quick. These two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but they don’t mean the same thing. Waterresistant means that something can withstand up to a certain amount of water, while waterproof means it can withstand ALL water. So, like, a water resistant ring can handle the occasional shower or hand washing, but it won’t like being completely submerged in water, as when you’re taking a swim.

Are Wedding Rings Waterproof or Water Resistant?

Now that we got that outta the way, let’s get down to it. Most metal ring materials like BZ, cobalt chrome, gold, damascus steel, platinum, tantalum and carbon fiber can handle their water as well as you handle your beers, which is pretty well. Our “Ready to Ship” wood and deer antler (yes, that’s right, deer antler) are water resistant. They’re sealed in with this water resistant resin that provides some extra protection, kinda like a poncho, but you should still be careful. 

Don’t wear them in the shower or if you’re taking a dip in some body of water. Swimming with a ring on can not only mess up the material, but it might slide off and be lost forever on the bottom of the pool or the lake––and, uh, safe to say that’s bad.  We know that all players F up sometimes, so it’s not gonna ruin the ring if you forget to take it off before hopping in the shower, but don’t let it happen regularly. This can warp the wood or damage the ring and cause irritation on your skin like a rash, and that’s just not fun. 

Now, our “Made to Order” wood, antler, dinosaur bone, and meteorite rings use a sealant that’s a bit stronger. You don’t have to take these rings off in the shower, but we still don’t recommend dunking them in water. 

best man silicone wedding ring

The Best Man Silicone Wedding Ring

So, for the most part, even though our metal rings can hold their own with a bit of water, you should still be careful. Use common sense and take care of that thing. You’re a smart guy. But one metal type that DOES NOT mix well with water is Damascus Steel. Chlorine and salt water can cause rust or corrosion, so keep that thang dry as possible. This is kind of ironic since Damascus Steel is known for its unique flowy pattern that looks like a wave of water. But such is life. 

Now, if you want a waterproof wedding ring, go with silicone. These wedding bands are the ultimate backups because they’re pretty cheap and SUPER durable, so they can take whatever you throw at them, including water. Lots of dudes send their main bands to the bench and slide these bad boys on for a day at the beach/pool or some other time where they’ll be around water. This way, they can still wear a ring without worry! 

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These rings are so waterproof that they’d be the material of choice for Aquaman, Spongebob, and all of our favorite underwater friends if they were wedding ring shopping. Come to think of it, we did just mail a couple of these wedding bands to Bikini Bottom … hmmmmm …

sudsy bar of soap

Wedding Ring Care and Maintenance

So, what happens if you get your wedding ring a bit wet? First, dry that thing off ASAP as possible, to quote modern-day philosopher Michael Scott. Next, clean it. This can help get rid of any damaging debris like salt water, chlorine, shampoo, or anything else that’s lingering on the ring. 

Wedding ring care varies depending on what your ring is made of, but, generally speaking, take some soap and warm water and wipe it off, and then dry it real good. You can scrub with a toothbrush, paper towel, or cloth and your ring will look good as new! Nice and shiny and spiffy, just like your car after a wash. 

And what if your ring gets damaged by water? You’re not completely SOL, bro, thanks to our warranty coverage. Water damage is covered in warranties for “Made to Order” rings, but not for “Ready to Ship” rings. Any other questions and rings and water, we’re here to help. Later, bro!