How to Find a Wedding Ring Suitable for the Outdoorsmen

How to Find a Wedding Ring Suitable for the Outdoorsmen

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You are an outdoorsman. You hunt. You fish. You hike. You like the smell of evergreens. And, as an outdoorsman, you should get a wedding band that encapsulates all that by taking a piece of nature with you wherever you go. With any of our rings for outdoorsmen, you’ll be reminded of the fresh forest air, even when you’re sitting in rush hour traffic or in your (anything-but-wide-open) cubicle.

Consider a Wooden Wedding Band 

You need something that is reliable and which represents who you are. What better way to achieve that than with the materials that make you happy—like good old-fashioned wood? There is something about a wooden wedding ring and its connection to nature—to something that was once living and breathing—that makes it so special. 

These rings are priced right, and each one is a genuine original, allowing yours to stand out in a sea of metal rings. They’re also hypoallergenic and won’t trigger any skin sensitivities. Wood is great for electricians and guys who work in rough conditions. What we are saying is that you won’t have to worry about getting electrocuted (as much) with these rings. We have a huge variety of wooden rings. Even if you don’t want a fully wooden ring, we’ve got a bunch of metal and wood combinations that will work for you.

The Drake Wood Ring

If you’re an outdoorsy minimalist, The Drake should definitely be a consideration. Made with our Gentleman’s Reserve koa wood and perfectly contoured, The Drake provides a comfortable band that is stylish while connecting you with nature.

 The Aficionado Black Zirconium Ring

For those who appreciate the modern metal look, but who still want to know there is some wooden craftsmanship in there, The Aficionado is the way to go. This show-stopper is made with black zirconium (which, by the way, doesn’t cause allergic reactions and is tough as hell) and a whiskey barrel sleeve for some added bravado. 

The Crockett Wood Ring

If you want something similar to The Aficionado, but want a full wood ring, consider The Crockett. This ring is very similar in style to The Aficionado but is comprised of gray maple wood on the outside and rosewood in the sleeve.

Caring for Your Wooden Ring

You’ll be surprised to find how durable our wood wedding bands are. However, they’re not indestructible. All of our wooden bands are sealed and water-resistant. “Resistant” is the key word, here. You can wash your hands with it, but it shouldn’t go with you on your daily swim as you’re training for the Ironman.

Go for an Antler Wedding Ring

Antler wedding rings are another great way to connect yourself to the outdoors while being uniquely you! What do we mean by that? Well, antler inlays are already unique in that not many people have them. But they are also unique in that each antler inlay is completely different from the next. No two rings will match perfectly.

Plus, antler is a tough material and will endure in the face of tons of outdoor activities. (Still, be careful with moisture. The instructions for caring for your wooden ring carry over to antler rings.) And, like with our wooden bands, we have a large selection of styles to choose from, including the following dazzlers.

The Elk Tungsten Ring

Choose your color with this tungsten carbide ring with a deer antler and teak wood inlay. The one pictured above is the “light” colored one, but you can choose from the darker “medium” and “dark” options. If you are someone who wants a simple deer antler inlay for that natural rustic feel, The Elk is for you

The Journeyman Tungsten Ring

For something that is truly unique and one-of-a-kind, consider The Journeyman. The band is tungsten carbide with 18K-rose-gold plating. On the inlay, we have turquoise, koa wood, and deer antler. This one’s a great choice for someone who can’t decide between wood and antler. Why not pick both!?

More to Discover

Not in love with any of these options? Go take a look at the rest of our wooden and antler rings for more ideas. We know that you’ll come across the perfect band that connects you to the great outdoors and celebrates the fact that you love to get dirty.

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