Men’s Wedding Band Width: How to Choose the Right Ring Width

Men’s Wedding Band Width: How to Choose the Right Ring Width

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Guys tend to be pretty inexperienced when it comes to rings. That’s just a fact. So when it comes to settling on a wedding band, it’s all-new terrain. Rose gold? What’s rose gold? An inlay? 

Soon enough, you get that sorted and hone in on something badass from our collection, but then you get hit with another alien realm of ring ownership: width.

Yeah, dudes, width matters, too. We got you covered, though. Let’s explore the options and help you determine what wedding band width is right for you. 

The Basics

Most guys end up rocking wedding bands that are between 6mm and 8mm wide. That’s your standard action right there. When you customize with us, we can drop that width all the way down to 2mm and bump it all the way up to 10mm. That’s a pretty wide range, indeed. 

Options are good, of course. But too many options sometimes sink dudes into a state of paralysis. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. 

What’s Right for You?

While there aren’t hard and fast rules on this front, it stands to reason that wider rings look more at home on bigger hands. Think about it: You don’t exactly want a 10mm ring occupying all the terrain between your first and second knuckle. 

To state the perfectly obvious: The wider the ring, the more noticeable it is. But wider rings don’t merely garner more attention. Thicker rings are also a more dominant presence for the wearer. So if you aren’t exactly accustomed to rocking rings, a thick ring might simply feel a little too uncomfortable. 

A general rule of thumb is this: If like most guys, your ring size is 9 or below (more on a ring size in a second), you probably want to go with a max width of 6mm. If you have larger hands and a bigger ring size, you can get away with a band between 7mm and 10mm. 

But, again, having big hands doesn’t mean you need to get a wider ring and smaller hands don't have to stick to thinner bands. After all, personal preference is the most important thing when buying a ring.

Now that you have a good sense for the width you want…

Gotta Get That Size Right, Too

manly bands ring sizer

As we’ve already noted, for most guys, a wedding band is the first ring they’ve ever worn. Therefore, most guys have no clue what their ring size is. When this predictable and entirely understandable ignorance is paired with another commonality among men — settling for good enough (AND NO, WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT PERFECT SPECIMEN YOU’RE ABOUT TO MARRY) — problems arise. 

Learn More About Ring Sizing Here

What we’re saying is this: When it comes to gear, an imperfect fit doesn’t dissuade all that many guys. You’ve been there — new shoes maybe half a size off, a fresh new shirt that’s a smidge too tight. Most guys are just gonna go ahead and rock those anyway. 

But when it comes to wedding bands, almost is not acceptable. A ring that’s too big can slip off and vanish from your life. The subsequent hunt and realization that you’ve blown it are guaranteed to make you feel like s**t. And a ring that’s too small is basically a miniature torture device for your ring finger.

Lost a Wedding Ring: Do These 13 Things Immediately

So yeah, the ring’s gotta fit perfectly. That’s why we provide a men’s ring sizing chart that’s all but guaranteed to get you in a wedding band that’s just right.

Ring still isn't fitting when you get it? No worries- we have our sweet, hassle-free exchange policy to make sure you get everything perfect.

Because we aren’t merely focused on getting you in a truly badass wedding band. We want it to fit like a champ, too. 

bride groom hold hands pier


Your wedding band is gonna be with you for the long haul, gentlemen. So take every aspect of it into consideration. We’re confident you’ll end up with something that’s just right for you. After all, you’re at Manly Bands already.

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