Sizing Guide

The Challenges of Ring Sizing:

We here at Manly Bands carry standard US sizes, however many of our rings are "comfort fit," which can tend to fit a little different. We have not been happy with the electronic sizing tools we have found, so while you can google and find some instructions on the inter webs...we really do not recommenelectronic sizing tools

To measure at home, check out The Manly Ring Sizer!

For our international sizing chart, click here.



**If you have already been sized by a jeweler, we recommend the following: **

FYI, the below works about 80% of the time. It is a guide, not a guarantee. Option #1/getting sized by a jeweler for comfort fit (in the width you would like) is your best option to hit a slam dunk on sizing. 

-For 6mm Comfort fit rings, order a half size down

-For 8mm Comfort fit rings, order your true standard size



Two Options To Help Get It Right:

1. Option #1 - Your Local Jeweler:

Going to a jeweler is the best way to find your correct size. Any jeweler in the mall will size you, so grab an Orange Julius and make it a date!

While at a local jeweler, do the following to get your most true size:

1. Get your standard size. They will size you with a very thin sizing band. However, when you add width to a ring, it changes the fit.

2. Try on some rings to understand which width you like.

3. Try on comfort fit rings and standard size rings in the widths you like (6mm, 8mm).

That's it! You'll be fully educated on what size you should order for whichever width you like:)


2. Option #2 - Ring Sizer

We now offer a finger gauge which will help determine your best standard US size if you can't get to the mall. Pop off the rings and try them on! You want it to be snug, but not too snug fit. If you are ordering a comfort fit ring, be sure to order a half size down from what you measure with our tool. 

Take me to The Manly Ring Sizer!

**If you are getting married soon, please do yourself a favor and don't guess on your size:) No one likes to get married with the wrong size ring!**



If you need to exchange sizes but don't know what size to get!

1. If you shake your hand, does the ring come flying off?  

- if so, head to a jeweler to get resized. You are atleast a whole size off, if not more.


2. If you shake your hand does it stays on (does not cross over the knuckle)?

- if so, exchange for a half size down and it should be perfect


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