Happily Ever After

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Is there such a relationship; can a couple actually find the magic that could translate into a life of bliss?

This article will attempt to define what happily ever after is really all about and provide some information that may help you and your partner understand the true meaning of such a relationship.

The answer is not a simple yes or no; you see, to find the answer to happily ever after, you need to find the happiness in yourself; to be happy one must be aware of positive and negative characteristics within your body.

It’s important to work on the negativity that encompasses your life, well at the same time understanding that no one is perfect. Negative characteristics are opportunities to grow and learn from; positive characteristics are usually inherited through role modeling either from family, friends and authority figures.

In a relationship, you are responsible for not only yourself but your partner as well. It’s important to accept differences, identify each other’s strengths and work as a team. Two key components of happily ever after are respecting one another and communication.

To live happily ever after can be seen in many fictional stories, however, the life you choose and the partner you choose is not fictional, it is real, and the effort you both put into your relationship will determine if happily ever after does exist.

Finally, understand that a relationship is built on trust and focuses on true happiness. What you both need to remember is that a happy ever after relationship is not only about how you treat one another but also how you love one another.

Good Luck !!

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