What does the word love mean to you?

2 minute read

A four letter word can get a lot of us in trouble. However, it is not what you think, it is the word love. A word that at times describes how we feel but without emotion.

Many couples describe how they feel when describing their love for one another, yet true love is a mix bag of emotions, such as, a racing heart, happiness, and exhilaration. Contrary when relations begin to suffer we may feel endless anxiety and despair.

How many times have you held your partner and did not want to let go, this happens because of your strong emotion towards them.

So does true love really exist? The answer is yes because we are all born with emotions that dictate our needs. Being in love takes in many emotions that focuses on couples working together to form a connection to one another.

Many people fall in love for the wrong reasons, (i.e. loneliness, convenience and companionship) none of which are loving emotions or desires. The first important thing to remember about the word is how it relates to you first. Before you can actually love another you must be comfortable in being able to love yourself. Do all you can to bring happiness to yourself and others. Love should be a connection that when formed creates a bond that strives to give our partner the best we can give them.

This four letter word is the foundation and goal for all of us, but always remember love is not just a feeling it deals with our emotions and connections that solidifies our partnership.

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