What Is Cerakote & Why It Makes a Great Wedding Ring

What Is Cerakote & Why It Makes a Great Wedding Ring

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If you’ve been looking for a unique wedding ring, you should look no further than Cerakote. There’s not much to say besides it’s absolutely stunning. In terms of colored wedding rings, Cerakote takes the cake, providing the to-be-married with rings they’ll never want to take off. From wood grain-like designs to beautiful inlays, there is something for everyone out there. We can rant about how great Cerakote is, but it doesn’t mean much if you’ve never heard of it. That begs the question: What is Cerakote?

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Grab a seat, get out your notebook, and stop with the spitballs. We’re about to give you a lesson on what Cerakote is and why it’s so great. 

Why Cerakote? 

Now, you already know how much we love rings with an exterior shine. Whether it’s gold, rose gold, titanium, or diamonds, rings with that extra sheen really capture attention. But there’s more to a good wedding ring than its exterior. Much like your spouse-to-be, it’s more about what’s on the inside—the outside could be the greatest thing you’ve ever seen, but, if you don’t like the inside, well, how are you going to live with it forever? That’s why we love Cerakote so much, and why we know you’ll love having it wrapped around your finger. 

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What Is Cerakote? 

Okay, so you’re probably still scratching your head, saying:

So Cerakote is cool. That’s all well and good, but what the heck is Cerakote?! 

Cerakote was developed back in the olden days (1984), meaning it’s a regularly new thing. It’s a composite of ceramic and polymer that was designed to be used as a proactive, protective coating on metals, polymers, plastics, and woods. It’s most commonly used as a firearm coating, due to its protective nature and its incredible color. 

So, it’s used on firearms. That’s cool, but what about wedding rings? What usefulness does it serve for wedding rings? The reason we love Cerakote wedding rings is their durability, and it’s obvious why the material is used on firearms and machine tools. It has an incredible hardness rating—listed as 9h, which is the highest hardness available for color coatings, it can survive 250° Fahrenheit temperatures and it can stand up to almost anything. 

Cerakote can withstand up to 160 inch-pounds of impact, all without losing its coating. What does that mean for you? Forget that weird green ring around your finger after wearing a ring for a day. Nope! That Cerakote lining won’t rub off on your finger one bit. Drop your ring by chance? Don’t worry about it, as it’s protected for the future to come. 

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What Is Cerakote Like? 

So, Cerakote is cool because it’s durable and can stand up to high temperatures? So can my dad, who goes tanning every day. Why should I want it as a wedding ring? 

All right, if we haven’t sold you yet, get ready for the bomb to drop. As we mentioned, Cerakote is largely used as an inlay. But it can also be used as a coating, and you won’t believe how that looks. BOOM! Okay, there’s the bomb drop. But there’s more to it. There are over 90—yes, you heard us right, 90—Cerakote colors you can choose from to design your ring. 

Oops, we forgot to mention. We’ve got another bomb waiting for you: Cerakote doesn’t have to be used as a solid color; it can be applied to wedding rings with grooves, recessed patterns, and more. If you want a ring that looks like a tree trunk, you can do it. If you want to make a ring that has a wave texture to it, you can do it. If you want a groove outside with blue recesses and a red inlay band, well, you can do it.  

As is, Cerakote cannot be used on its own as your ring’s outer color, but scientific advancements should make that feasible in time. So keep applying it as you see fit, making the wedding ring of your dreams. 

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Chances are, you want a ring that will be a showstopper for anyone who sees it, even you,  every day you wake up. That’s why you need to check out our Cerakote rings. We have so many different, unique styles to choose from that there is bound to be something to hit your personality. Take a closer look at our collection of wedding rings. You’re sure to find the ring of your dreams (and budget) today. 

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