Don't Be Dull—Be Colorful: Seven of Our Favorite Colored Wedding Rings for Men

How do you express your colorful personality? Flashy clothes? Vibrant shoes? A sleek sports car? Well, have you considered a flashy wedding ring? At Many Bands, we have tons of colored wedding band options if you want a ring to match your personality. Keep reading to see some of our favorite multicolored wedding rings for dudes, dude. 

What Is Cerakote? 

We use this fancy-schmancy material called cerakote to add color to our wedding rings. Cerakote is just a combo of ceramic and polymer, and it offers two very clear benefits … brawn and beauty. Cerakote is super durable, so a coating really toughens your ring up. Ya know, this stuff was actually used to protect super manly stuff like knives, guns, and pottery before some genius tried it out on wedding bands. But the beauty is what really makes it stand out. Cerakote is available in 90 different colors, so you can get super-creative with all the design options. 

The Washington 

Now that we’ve defined cerakote and gotten that out of the way, let’s talk rings. Take a look at The Washington. This ring was forged by hand from Damascus steel and coated with blue cerakote. The process of making a Damascus steel ring results in that super unique “wavy” pattern, and the blue cerakote coating makes it look like flowing water right on your finger! This stuff was used to make knives and blades before wedding bands, so you know it’s gonna be tough and durable.

The Fire Chief 

Are you looking for something a little more unconventional and mysterious but still colorful? I present to you The Fire Chief. The Fire Chief is a black zirconium ring that is charcoal gray with a red cerakote inlay and sleeve. Black zirconium is already a sleek-looking material, and the extra touch of red on both the inside and outside really makes it pop on your finger. 

 The Franklin Titanium Wedding Ring

The Franklin

Catch lightning on your finger with The Franklin! This titanium ring features 3mm Padauk wood and opaque black cerakote stripes. Titanium is one of our toughest, heaviest, and strongest materials, so it’s perfect for the most rugged dudes out there who want to really FEEL the ring on their finger. Look at that combo of silver, black, and brown … it’s fresher than a crisp $100 in your wallet. 

The Northstar 

The Northstar is another one of our badass colorful wedding bands. Handcrafted cobalt chrome, silver carbon fiber, and blue cerakote accented grooves … talk about a LOOK. Cobalt chrome is one of our newer wedding band materials, and it rocks. It’s tough and shiny, and it stands out on your finger like a guiding light. It’s also hypoallergenic, so it’s perfect for dudes with nickel allergies and sensitive skin. This ring shows the versatility of cerakote since it can be used to create unique patterns like the grooves. 

The Slugger

The Slugger is the perfect colorful wedding band for any sports junkie. It’s a black zirconium band with baseball engraving and orange cerakote. This awesome ring is guaranteed to be a hit, and it pops off your finger like the ball off your bat. With The Slugger, you’re getting a durable and sleek-looking ring without breaking the bank. The Slugger is a real home run of a wedding ring! Sorry for the puns, but we just couldn’t resist it.

The Chameleon

Do you find yourself able to immediately befriend anybody in any social environment because of your unique and blending personality? If so, you need a colorful wedding ring to match. Enter The Chameleon. This ring is handcrafted from Damascus steel with a bright green cerakote coating, kinda similar to The Washington. This ring was meant for someone who wears many hats in all areas of life like yourself, bro. 

The Mr. Swagger Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

The Mr. Swagger

The Mr. Swagger is an acid-finished Damascus steel band with a meteorite inlay and Padauk wood sleeve. We guess you’ve got your swagger back! That’s what this ring screams about its wearer. The silver and black coupled with the wood sleeve on the inside create a badass look fit for a man full of confidence like yourself.

Well, dude, those are some of our fresh colorful cerakote wedding rings for men. Check out the rest of our colorful collection here and, if you have any other questions, check the FAQ page or hit us up directly


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