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If you’re on the search for a wedding ring, you know how difficult the search can be. It’s not like going to Kohl’s and just picking the first collared shirt off the rack. Nor is it like going to McDonald’s and more or less pointing at a number and grunting your order. 

This isn’t a one-time thing. A wedding ring is here to stay. You’ll be wearing it for years and decades to come. So you can’t just pick one at random, wipe your hands clean, call it day, and jump on Call of Duty with your bros. 

But how do you go about sifting through mens’s rings? One of the best ways to do so is to do your research based on men’s wedding band material.

At Manly Bands, we have many different types of band materials available to choose from. 

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What Your Wedding Band Says About You

You’ll want to do your research because you’re going to want to find a ring that fits your needs. And it’s not as simple as “I want my ring to look like this.” There’s more you’re going to have to consider, including: 

  • Lifestyle
  • Occupation
  • Physical fitness and activity
  • Uniqueness
  • Your personality 
  • The dynamic of your relationship
  • Your interests and hobbies

For instance, you’ll need a durable wedding ring if you work with your hands on a daily basis. If you work in the white-collar business world, you might not want an overly flashy ring. If you’re a serious MLB fan, you’d die to have a baseball-themed wedding ring, one that features your team’s logo. 

You’ll need to consider the above to know what ring is right for you. But what material meets your needs? 

Gold Wedding Bands 

The history of gold is a rich one. And there’s a good reason we know the metal as well as we do. Our gold wedding rings exceed this historic precious metal standard, and there are more than enough options available for you to choose from.

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And, while gold might be the traditional wedding ring, valued for its style as well as its malleability, it’s also versatile. There is no one specific style of gold wedding band. Coming in varieties of white, yellow, and rose, gold rings can be whatever they need to be, matched to clothing and skin tones in an instant.  

Diamond Rings 

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they shouldn’t just be for the girls out there. Men deserve to rock diamonds, too. 

Our diamond wedding bands add a flair that goes unmatched. Ethically sourced, they make every ring pop, giving the band a fresh makeover that sparkles every moment of the day. 

Now, there is a note worth considering: Diamonds are an addition to a ring, not the ring band material itself. Our diamond bands will use materials like gold, black zirconium, or titanium. It’s your choice how you want the ring to be designed, both for looks and strength. 

Wood Wedding Rings

Similar to our diamond wedding bands, our wood wedding rings add an essential flair to traditional wedding band materials. Whether you’re adding it as an inlay to a Cobalt Chrome ring or a Black Zirconium ring, it helps the wood stand out while equally enhancing the natural tones of the band material. 

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Best of all, you can add wood while enjoying the benefits of the band material itself, whether it’s the extreme strength of Carbon Fiber or the light-as-feathers weight of titanium. 

Damascus Steel Rings 

Fans of history will know the importance of Damascus Steel. All for good reason, too. Damascus Steel was nothing more than a myth for the longest time; a forged metal used in Indian warrior blades sought after by Vikings, crusaders, and more. But modern technology allowed for the replication of this mystical metal, bringing it back from the dead. 

Our Damascus Steel rings bring that history and wrap it right around your finger. Not for the faint of heart, as their strength goes unparalleled. But then, you take one look at the ring and realize just how beautiful and unique they are. 

ManlyBands’ The Intimidator

Due to them being forged by numerous types of stainless steel, every ring is a one-off, completely different from every other that came before it. Its forging leaves a wavy pattern being borne throughout the ring, one that can resemble ocean waves or the inner rings of an old tree. 

Black Zirconium Wedding Bands 

Want to talk about cool, sleek wedding rings? Well, let’s talk about Black Zirconium wedding bands. Now, what makes Black Zirconium so damn cool? First and foremost, it’s hypoallergenic. 

What does that mean? It means that you won’t have an allergic reaction to the material. It’s almost entirely pure, extracted from the earth and produced as is. Moreover, it’s a non-reactive material, too, meaning that it’s safe to use in almost any profession, any situation. Live munitions be damned. You’ll be fine to wear this wherever you are. 

Then there’s the look of the material itself. Black Zirconium is sleek and bold, all while having enough strength to stand up to tough jobs and tougher chores. While you might need to still take precautions, such as not wearing it while using corrosive materials or heavy machinery, it can last through a day at the beach or digging in the dirt. 

Antler Rings

While we keep mentioning inlays, we’d be remiss to make mention of our Antler wedding rings. Whether you decide to get a Rose Gold Plated Tungsten band or a Damascus Steel band, you can finish it off with a beautiful piece of authentic deer antler. 

Most of our rings will also contain wood highlights, which will both protect the antler and boost the look of the band material. 

Meteorite Wedding Rings 

All right, antler rings are awesome, but meteorites? Literally, bits of space and time stored inside your ring? How is that even possible? 

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Well, we made it happen. Our meteorite rings are an exceptional choice. Their inlays are as unique as it gets, with a one-of-a-kind piece of meteorite infused into the ring. It’s like carrying a piece of the universe with you everywhere you go. For all you know, it could contain a sliver of some of the most famous meteorites to have landed on Earth. 

Dinosaur Bone Rings 

If you yawned at meteorite rings, get ready to have your butt blown clear across the room because we’re about to talk about dinosaur rings. Yes, you heard us correctly: dinosaur. wedding. rings.

Our dinosaur bone rings are the real deal, featuring prehistoric dinosaur bone inlays, collected from the sediment they were unearthed in. If you were the kid who pored over the Scholastic dinosaur books as a kid, this is a literal dream for you. With choices of bands like Black Zirconium or Damascus Steel, you get a ring that pops while having stellar strength, too. 

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Titanium Wedding Bands 

Are you looking for a beautiful ring that’s as versatile as can be? Want a ring that has a decent amount of strength and scratch resistance while being as light as a feather? Now is the time for you to get a Titanium wedding band. Its weight-to-strength ratio makes it one of the toughest metals available on the market. 

Cobalt Chrome Rings 

What’s that? You want a ring as beautiful as a white gold wedding band for nearly a third of the price? Well, you’re talking our language, and you’re talking about Cobalt Chrome wedding rings

As shiny as every other precious metal ring, you’ll never want to take it off. But we do recommend taking it off every so often: Cobalt Chrome is scratch-resistant, but it won’t stand up to hard manual labor. 

Tungsten Wedding Rings 

No, it’s not the name of a weird Pokemon. Tungsten is exceptional for a few reasons: One, it’s 10 times harder than 18K gold, meaning it can take on whatever you throw at it; two, it’s a heavy metal, meaning it’s a metal that won’t rest for any other. Oh, and it’s also hypoallergenic and scratch-resistant.

That’s why we love Tungsten wedding rings. And that’s not even mentioning how awesome they look!  

Carbon Fiber Rings 

Some men want a ring that can do it all: that’s stronger than a Navy battleship, as sleek as a flying bullet, lighter than a feather and as powerful as a ton of bricks. That’s a Carbon Fiber ring for you. 

ManlyBands’ The Flint

Twelve times lighter than gold and tougher than the strongest stainless steel, it’s the essential ring for the hardworking man. There are more than enough examples of how reliable it is, too. Carbon fiber is used across many industries, from Formula 1 race cars to racing road bikes, and military tactical gear to gun parts. Why not carry that sort of strength with you everywhere you go? Best of all, it won’t weigh you down for a second. 

Cerakote Wedding Rings 

All right, let’s talk about beauty. Beauty comes in many forms—you were able to land yourself a fiancé, right? And it’s no different for rings. Not every wedding ring has to be the traditional yellow gold wedding band. Why always settle for the norm? 

Cerakote wedding bands allow you to let your unique flag fly. So it’s cool, but what is it? 

Cerakote was originally created for the military and firearm industries. It’s a ceramic/polymer composite that is added to items to act as a protective outer layer. And when we say protect, we truly mean it. Cerakote is durable and strong—it can withstand up to 250° Fahrenheit temperatures and has a 9h hardness rating—the hardest available for color coatings. 

Oh, and we almost forgot to mention, cerakote is COLORFUL. We’re talking deep greens and maroon reds. We’re also talking colorful inlays reminiscent of the ocean and midnight skies. 

ManlyBands’ The Washington

Silicone Rings 

Silicone rings are interesting things to those unfamiliar with them. They’re perfect for the hardworking man. 

The trouble with jobs that require working with your hands is the danger they pose, especially while wearing wedding rings. The risk is that a metal ring can easily get caught on a nail, piece of machinery, blade, or more. If you then jerk away, your finger will move, but your ring won’t. Ensue horrible hand injury.

The flexibility of silicone rings helps you avoid that altogether, as the ring will flex with your hand’s movements rather than work against them. Best of all, the material is still durable and comfortable, meaning that it will stand the test of time. However, its affordability means you could buy a few in case you ever happen to misplace it somewhere—all for less than an eighth of the price of a normal wedding ring. 

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Finding the perfect wedding ring requires some serious searching—probably not as much as you did on dating apps prior to meeting your spouse-to-be, but a good amount. But we at Manly Bands are committed to providing you with the best wedding rings imaginable. 

Our numerous men’s wedding band materials allow you to choose from many different types of rings. From strength to style to aesthetic, you can find the ring that fits your personality to a tee. Begin your search today and find your ring faster than you’d imagine.


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