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The King Arthur - Manly Bands
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The King Arthur


You're the King and everyone knows it. They call you the partymaker because not only do you throw great parties, but you make the party cooler just by attending. Yeah it's sounds weird to say it to you, but dude, everyone really digs you! We've got just the thing to make you even cooler...

Titanium and Koa Rosewood - 8mm wide

Hypoallergenic, Scratch Resistant, Light weight feel

Includes velvet double ring box and classy shipping.


Did we mention the 30 return policy? Yup, time to lose it on your desk for 2 weeks and still get in back in time.


Sizing: We recommend ordering your standard size in the King Arthur.

Don't know your ring size? More on sizing here.


How to care for your ring: Our real wood rings water resistant but not waterproof so they are not meant to go swimming. Hand washing is totally fine, but please keep him out of the pool and oceans or the wood will get ruined. Obvious submerged water damage will void your one year warranty. More on that here.

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