4 Affordable Wedding Band Options for Men

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Your wedding is coming up and you’re starting to freak out. There’s so much to plan and then there’s the cost of getting married. As your partner works out the details, you’re anxiously watching the wedding bill rise and rise. First, there was the venue …

It’s beautiful, and I love it, but, whew, is it pricey. Happy wife, happy life? 

Next, it was the after-wedding venue …

It’s beautiful, hun, beautiful. Remind me? Can your father help with the bill?

Then there’s the caterer, the baker, and the open bar …

Okay. Okay. I’m sure it will be a great experience! 

And everything else on top of that, everything down the line, one expense after another. 

For the penny pinchers out there, you’ve probably sweat through your undershirt, dress shirt and suit. First of all, get some antiperspirant; after that, take a deep breath. There are affordable men’s wedding bands out there, and they can all be found in Manly Bands’ vast collection. But how do you know what ring is right for you? 

It will take some exploring, but you can find an affordable ring that matches your style while beating your budget. And with nothing more than a ring size chart, you can effectively purchase the wedding ring of your dreams — all while saving some money for your honeymoon and beyond. 

1. Silicone Wedding Bands

First and foremost, you want an affordable ring that can stand up next to anything? Look no further than our silicone rings. At just $30, these rings are excellent for any man looking for an affordable wedding band. Best of all, due to their price and material of construction, you don’t have to worry about any scuffing or damage. They are perfect for weightlifters, construction workers, military personnel, and any other man who works with their hands every day. 

The Perry

The Perry

And, God forbid something happens to the ring while you’re on the job or out in the woods? Affording a replacement is easy, so you won’t feel the same stress you would over a high-end gold wedding ring. If you want simplicity with a bit of style, we recommend The Perry. The added texture makes it look like hammered metal, giving you a ring that wows without draining your wallet.  

2. Cobalt Chrome

What kind of ring is that, man?” 

“Cobalt chrome,” you say, cool and calm, exuding a sense of style that no other man can match. 

All right, you might not feel that confident, but cobalt chrome is meant to be on your finger. Cobalt chrome rings because of their look and strength: The metal can stand up to water (unlike wood), avoids cracking (unlike tungsten), and can be worn with nearly any other jewelry (unlike gold). 

Some cobalt chrome rings can get expensive, but we have affordable options that are an exceptional choice for any groom. The Original is a beautiful option that maintains the simplicity, all while providing incredible strength and dependability. 

The Fitzgerald

The Fitzgerald

3. Black Zirconium

Are you the guy in your friend group who everyone else rags on for your “sensitive skin”?

Oh, watch out everybody, don’t bring that bagel near Tom!

Oooooh, I hope I don’t break out in hives! 

Oh, wooww, I’m sooo itchy!

We’re sorry, especially if we triggered you by mentioning the above. However, moisturize your skin, take an antihistamine and get a load of this: black zirconium. That’s right, black zirconium. It’s an extremely hypoallergenic metal, meaning even the most sensitive skin will remain comfortable. 

And just look at the wedding band itself! While extremely comfortable on the skin, it's equally fashionable. Make a big fashion statement without spending an arm and a leg like you would on a precious metal ring. 

The Aspen

The Aspen

4. Damascus Steel

Last, need we explain further? You’ve probably heard of Damascus steel being used by Vikings or in a game like Skyrim, and for good reason. Damascus steel has a weight you’ll feel, with durability and strength that goes unmatched.  

There’s a good reason many men rely on the metal for their rings. It’s like carrying a piece of Nordic history with you everywhere you go. The Aspen is a great affordable option that provides grooms with noteworthy style, harboring a natural look that will not be replicated. 

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Not sure where to start your search? Begin shopping our vast collection of wedding rings and keep an eye out for prices and styles. You’re sure to find the ring that fits your personality and budget in no time.  

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