The Aspen

You ski, you hunt, you generally love the outdoors as much as a man can. Sometimes it's just in your mind, but we know your heart is on the mountain and in the rivers that flow from it. That's why we created this daily reminder to help you remember who you are, every season.

Please note - because these are natural antlers, they will always vary in color and uniformity. See more on color option decoding below. Damascus Steel has a wood grain look to it. It also has a lightweight feel, similar to Titanium.

  • "Light" = mostly white (like our main photo here)
  • "Medium/mixed" = a mix of black/brown and white. Sometimes with color blocks and sometimes more ombre. (like in our video below)
  • "Dark" = mostly brown/black

FREE U.S. SHIPPING. Do it. 30 days to return it if you don't dig it. 
**Please allow 1-2 business days for order processing** 

Sizing: We recommend ordering your standard size in the Aspen.
Don't know your ring size? Get the Manly Ring Sizer.  

How to care for your ring: Our real wood and antler rings water resistant but not waterproof so they are not meant to go swimming. Hand washing is totally fine, but please keep him out of the pool and oceans or the wood will get ruined. Obvious submerged water damage will void your one year warranty. More on that here.

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