Fashion & Function: Five Stylish Wedding Rings That Won't Get in the Way of Everyday Life

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We renaissance men are always using our hands. And it doesn’t matter whether you work with heavy machinery (badass) or spend all day typing that soon-to-be bestselling novel; you can’t have anything on your hands getting in the way of everyday life. 

This is why many men are skeptical about wearing their wedding bands all the time. Even though they look GREAT on their finger, some men assume their bands are an obstruction and hindrance. Not the case. At Manly Bands, we have stylish wedding rings that won’t get in the way of your everyday life! Read below to learn more, dude. 

Rose Gold Wedding Rings

Our Rose Gold Wedding Rings are stylish and won’t get in the way of everyday life. Allow us to explain. These rings are mostly gold, but a wee bit of added copper gives them a reddish hue. Think traditional gold with a reddish hue. The little bit of added copper goes a long way. It makes it stronger and less expensive than traditional gold. Talk about value. 

This added copper also makes it more versatile, as you can pair it with other metals. You want a rose gold tungsten ring? Go for The Gentleman. What about black zirconium and tungsten? Sounds like a ring for a champion like yourself, bro. And rose gold with wood? We have The Erikson. We could do this all day. We won’t … but we could. 

grooms and brides hands

Titanium Wedding Rings

Next up, titanium. Those rings just sound badass, right? They have a lot to live up to and, boy, do they deliver. Titanium wedding bands rock for a lot of reasons. They’re super lightweight AND super durable. Not only that … they look awesome!! A titanium ring is so light that you’ll have no idea you’re wearing it, and there’s no way it can get in the way of your everyday life. 

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, you’re in luck! We have many different kinds of titanium wedding rings to choose from. The King Arthur will have you feeling like royalty, The Hunter will help you track down prey, and The Minimalist will have you feeling simple yet elegant. 

Damascus Steel Wedding Rings

With a Damascus Steel wedding ring on your finger, you’ll feel like a warrior. Literally … this type of steel was actually used to make swords and knives before it was used for rings. What makes these rings rock is their individuality. They’re not as common as other types, and each “watery” ring pattern is unique, so it will really stand out on your finger. 

These rings are also strong and durable. They won’t break if you work with your hands, so they can handle the stress of any 9 to 5 conqueror such as yourself. If you want to get your swagger on as you clink your flagons of ale after a hard days battle … errr … work (same thing, are we right?), go with Damascus Steel. They were forged for warriors like you. 

Carbon Fiber Wedding Rings

Wait a minute … they make carbon fiber wedding bands? Isn’t that some sort of futuristic metal used for spaceships and race cars and racing bicycles? Yeah, that’s right. You can now rock it on your finger. Carbon finger wedding rings are all the rage now, and for good reason. Its strength to weight ratio is unmatched. A ring this strong can handle anything thrown its way on a daily basis, and you’ll have no idea it’s even there. If you want a ring to match your innovative and forward thinking personality, you’ll go with one of our carbon fiber wedding bands. 

mans hand with wedding ring

Silicone Wedding Bands

There’s one more ring perfect for enduring the stress and vigor of everyday life … a silicone wedding band. Think of it like this. Let’s say you have an awesome wedding ring from one of the types above, but you’re still skeptical of wearing it in some high-stress situations. Completely understandable. 

Well … bam. That’s where the silicone ring comes in. Your main wedding band goes to the bench, and the silicone ring comes in and lights up the scoreboard. What they might lack in style and intricate design, they more than make up for in function. These rings can be worn in ANY situation, and they definitely won’t get in the way of your rigorous day-to-day life as a hunter, welder, rock star, or whatever it is you do. 

Now you know all about which rings won’t get in the way of your day-to-day life. For any other questions, concerns, comments, or if you just want to say “Hey, I love my new wedding band,” check out our FAQ page or reach out directly.

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