The Best Lightweight Wedding Rings for Men

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When it comes to men and their wedding bands, there’s two types of dudes. Some dudes want to really FEEL it on their finger, so they go for heavier metals like tungsten. There’s nothing wrong with a heavier rock on your finger, but it’s definitely not for everybody. The other types of dudes want their rings in incognito mode on their fingers. They want to see it, but not feel it. They want it to be light, but powerful and noticeable ... rings should float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. If you’re that second type and you want a lighter ring, boy, do we have some good news for you. Manly Bands has a variety of lightweight wedding rings to choose from, so take a gander below! 

Silver Wedding Rings

Our silver wedding bands are second to none. Silver is a softer precious metal, so it’s suuuuper lightweight compared to other precious metals like gold. That means it can easily be shaped into different sizes and shapes … great for customization. It’s been a jewelry staple for years, and it’s easy to see why. Look at that shine! You can clearly see your reflection. And, damn! You look great, if we may say so. 

One more thing that we have to warn you about. Since silver is SO soft and light, it can scratch and squish under pressure. Like, it’s the perfect ring for a concert pianist, but if you work with heavy equipment, go for one of our other ring types.

Titanium Wedding Rings

Titanium reigns supreme when it comes to lightweight wedding bands, much like its Greek god namesake. A ring this light shouldn't be this tough, but it is … titanium is one of the strongest metals out there. It won’t break or scratch, so it can handle any rigors thrown its way. 

Not to mention, it’s super-versatile, so you can pair it with other materials. Like, check out The Falconer with a beautiful camo inlay or The Adams with that fresh wood. What’s not to love?? Plus, titanium is very reasonably priced compared to other metals. We know you’re smart with your cash, so you’re guaranteed to get your money’s-worth with titanium. 

Ceramic Wedding Rings

Let’s talk about ceramics … and we know what you’re thinking—“Like the pottery?” Well, yeah. Ceramic actually means anything made from clay and hardened by heat. So, a ceramic doesn’t have to be pottery … like, they also make ceramic wedding bands. And they’re awesome, trust us. You know how ceramic pots and things of that nature look super-colorful and artistic? That’s how ceramic wedding bands look. 

You can get real creative with ceramic rings, as they can be intricately and beautifully designed. Not only that, they’re also super-lightweight and durable. However, we gotta warn ya that they can’t be re-sized, so make sure you check with our handy-dandy sizing guide or purchase a ring sizer beforehand, and then check out our cool ceramic rings like The Baller!

Stainless Steel Wedding Rings

Next up, we have stainless steel wedding rings. Simply put, these rings rock. They are adored for their durability, light weight, and easy maintenance. However, they are prone to denting and contain nickel. So, if you’re allergic or work with heavy equipment, you might wanna look elsewhere, champ. 

Manly Bands has some badass stainless steel wedding rings available. Rugged outdoorsman will love The Aspen, and The Adonis is fit for a physical specimen such as yourself. 

Black Zirconium Wedding Rings

Last and CERTAINLY not least, we have black zirconium wedding bands. Do you like to go against the grain? If so, black zirconium is the ring for you. Traditional men’s wedding bands are gold, but other colors like silver have become more and more popular. But THESE rings, oh! These rings are mostly black, charcoal gray, matte gray or some other darker color. It gives them a mysterious vibe and really makes them stand out from other men’s wedding rings. 

Lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic, beautiful—what more could you ask for in a wedding ring? Whether you’re a world-class athlete or an intelligent philosopher, there’s a black zirconium wedding band for you. 

So, there ya have it. Those are all of our best, most badass, and super lightweight men’s engagement and wedding rings. Need any more information? Check out the FAQ page or hit our line directly. We’re here to help you, bro. 

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