Product Spotlight: Why We Love Titanium Wedding Rings

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The Nicholson Titanium Wedding Ring

At Manly Bands, we love titanium wedding rings for so many reasons. But before we dive in, you gotta say “titanium” out loud. That just sounds cool, doesn’t it? We mean, something named after the most powerful figures from Greek mythology is guaranteed to be badass. Within the last 30 years, these rings have recently seen a popularity jump around the world, and it’s easy to see why. Read below to find out exactly why we love them so much, then mosey on over to our titanium wedding ring page and pick one out!

Light as a Feather 

The main benefit of titanium wedding rings is their light weight. It’s much lighter than other metal wedding rings such as tungsten, Damascus steel, and silver, so you won’t even feel it on your finger. This is a huge advantage for many, as they don’t want a heavy wedding ring getting in the way of their work or day-to-day life. If you want to notice the looks of your ring more than its weight or feel on your finger, titanium is the perfect ring for you. 

Stiff as a Board

Titanium must be super fragile since it’s super light, correct? Nope. Durability and toughness are actually two of the main draws of titanium wedding rings. They refuse to bend or break, making them the ideal ring for those who constantly find themselves working with heavy machinery. It’s also perfect for those working with their hands all day because titanium itself also does not conduct heat like other elements. You don’t want to engrave your ring into your finger at work!

In fact, titanium can be too tough at times. Titanium wedding rings cannot be resized, and they cannot be cut without emergency cutting tools. 

 The King Arthur Titanium Wedding Ring

The King Arthur Titanium Wedding Ring

Versatility and Customization

Titanium wedding bands are available in countless different styles. At Manly Bands, we have many different looks to choose from. Do you want something a little more plain and utilitarian? Go with The Minimalist. It’s not super gaudy but will still draw compliments. What about something a little more regal? Then the King Arthur is perfect for you! The rosewood paired with the titanium will have you looking and feeling like royalty. Those are just two of our many different titanium wedding rings, all of which are excellent and unique in their own way!

If you don’t see anything you like on our titanium wedding rings page, how dare you. Kidding. You can customize your own wedding ring instead! That’s another draw of titanium ... it’s easily compatible with other materials so you can add another element such as an antler inlay. There are so many different possible combinations, it’s almost overwhelming!


If you don’t want to break the bank for your wedding band, go with titanium. Compared to other minerals such as gold and silver, titanium is much more cost-efficient and affordable. We sell titanium rings ranging anywhere from $175 to $1,200, which is more than reasonable for wedding bands. Titanium rings with intricate designs can cost a little more than that, as they take time and effort to make. Since titanium is so tough and durable, it can be pretty difficult to engrave the design.

Easy Maintenance

Titanium wedding rings are very easy to clean and maintain. To keep your ring looking squeaky clean, all you need is a toothbrush (separate from the one you use on your pearly whites, of course), dish soap, hot water, and Windex. Mix the dish soap into the hot water and scrub your ring with the toothbrush. Then give it a shine with Windex and have it looking brand spankin’ new! 


There’s a chance you’re reading this blog and thinking “I really love these wedding rings, but I’m actually allergic to most metals, so I can’t wear one.” *sad face* Well, you’re actually in luck! *happy face* Our wedding rings are completely hypoallergenic and made with medical-grade titanium, making them perfect for those who are allergic or sensitive to metals.  

 The Falconer Titanium Wedding Ring

The Falconer Titanium Wedding Ring

Get Your Titanium Wedding Ring Today!

Do you see why we love titanium wedding rings so much? Ounce for ounce, they’re the best bang for your buck out there. What are you waiting for? Get yours today! But, first, make sure you know your wedding ring size, as you don’t want it to be too small or big since titanium wedding bands cannot be resized. For any other questions, feel free to check our FAQ page or contact us directly! We’ll have you feeling and looking like a titan in no time!

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