Product Spotlight: Why We Love Cobalt Chrome Wedding Bands

Product Spotlight: Why We Love Cobalt Chrome Wedding Bands

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Men used to have only one option when it came to their wedding bands ... but not anymore. We, here at Manly Bands, set out to change that and give men the freedom to choose their perfect wedding band. We offer awesome and different colors, styles, materials, and more to our handsome customers ... yes, we’re talking about you. One awesome wedding band material we love is cobalt chrome. Let’s find out what makes cobalt chrome so great, shall we, bro?

 The Solo Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring

The Solo Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring

Cobalt Chrome 101

You’re probably asking  “What exactly is cobalt chrome?” Well, don’t worry, bro, because you’re not alone—unless you happen to be a chemist. Cobalt chrome is a combination of cobalt and chromium, which are two chemical elements. It’s always been used to make super lame stuff like jet engines and dental implants, but someone recently had the capital G genius idea to use it while making jewelry. Shoutout to that guy.

Appearance and Versatility

So, what makes cobalt chrome so great? Let’s start with the appearance. Cobalt chrome wedding rings sorta look like white gold, and the silver gives is a nice curveball from the traditional gold and yellow men’s wedding bands. But that’s not it ... cobalt chrome rings just shine, sparkle, and glimmer on your finger.

Here’s another thing. All cobalt chrome rings don’t look the same. Cobalt chrome is super versatile, and we have lots of different options available. You can pair it with all kinds of other materials to make sick inlays and sleeves, or you can engrave it with a customizable message or image. Check out The Solo and its badass tree carvings, or The Innovator and its slick-looking wood inlay, or The Catalyst and its plain yet sleek satin finish, or ... you get it.


Looks AND beauty?!? That’s right, bro. Cobalt chrome wedding bands not only look great, but they’re built to last too. These rings are pretty scratch-resistant, and they won’t bend at anything thrown their way. They’re tougher than precious metals like gold and silver, but their weights are similar. This means that a cobalt chrome wedding band won’t drag your finger down, bro. It’s not quite tungsten or titanium levels of strong, but it can definitely withstand the pressures of a vigorous day-to-day job or manly activities like lifting weights and chopping wood.


If you have sensitive skin or a nickel allergy, you were born to rock cobalt chrome on your finger. It’s hypoallergenic, which is a fancy word that means it is safe to wear and won’t irritate your skin. Other jewelry types contain traces of nickel and can cause irritation or rashes on your finger. Not cobalt chrome, bro.

Maintenance Is Easy as 1, 2, 3

Taking care of a cobalt chrome ring is easy. Even though they are super durable, they might scratch occasionally. Stuff happens. *shrugs* All you gotta do is use a soft cloth and soap and water to polish and dry it. You can also pop over to your local jeweler to buff it out if your elbow grease isn’t quite doing the trick.


Your finger size can change over time. If/when that happens, your wedding ring will not fit anymore and will be super uncomfortable to wear. If it’s too big, it slides around everywhere and gets in the way. If it’s too small, it can cut off circulation to your finger. Either way, it makes the ring borderline unwearable. Lots of wedding bands can’t be resized when this happens ... but not cobalt chrome. Cobalt chrome rings can be resized up to .5 or 1 either way, to make sure it fits nice and snug around your finger!

 The Original Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring

The Original Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring

Our Cobalt Chrome Rings

Well, there ya have it. That’s why we love cobalt chrome wedding bands so much. Now that you’re sold on this slick-looking material, let’s find your perfect wedding band. If you want a more classic look, The Original is the ring for you. Want to combine it with another material? Look no further than The Northstar with its carbon fiber and cerakote accented grooves. We could keep going, but you should probably just check out our entire collection to see for yourself.

If you have any more questions about cobalt chrome wedding bands or our wedding bands in general, check out our FAQ page or hit our line directly. We’re here to help you find your perfect ring, bro.

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