The Importance of Proper Wedding Ring Sizing

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Picture this ... you just ordered some sick new clothes or shoes off the internet. You wait and wait for the box to arrive. When it FINALLY comes, you tear it open like a kid on Christmas and eagerly try the items on. There’s only one problem ... they don’t fit. All that excitement is gone, and now you gotta wait a few weeks to exchange the stuff for the right size before you can rock your new gear.

So, what was the moral of that story? Always know your size when ordering something online, especially since you don’t get to try it on in the store beforehand. This not only applies to clothes and shoes, but men’s wedding rings as well. A properly sized men’s engagement ring is super important because you’re wearing it all the time and it’s a big investment.

It’s a Bit Oversized ... It’s a Bit Snug ... It Fits Just Right!

A wedding band that’s too big or small is no bueno. If it’s too tight, you won’t be able to get it on and off without using grease or soap or something similarly slippery. It will also be very uncomfortable and cut off circulation to your finger. If your wedding band is too big, it will wiggle and roll around on your finger. Think about how annoying that would be if you’re trying to work, and your ring keeps sliding around on your finger ... you couldn’t focus!

It could also slide off unexpectedly, and you could lose it for good! What you really want is the smallest ring that feels good on your finger. It should be snug, but not TOO snug.

If you end up ordering the wrong size, you’ll have to exchange it. An improperly sized wedding ring isn’t just something you can deal with ... it’s crucial for you and the ring that it fits perfectly. Even though our exchange process is super-simple and straightforward, we hope no customer has to find out firsthand because they ordered the wrong size. That wedding ring was a big time investment, so it’s gotta look AND feel good.

The Manly Ring Sizer

The Manly Ring Sizer

So How Do I Learn My Size?

Great question! But, first, a little bit about our rings. So, men’s wedding and engagement rings come in standard and comfort fit. Standard fit wedding bands are flat on the inside, so the entire backside touches your finger when you wear the ring. Comfort fit wedding rings are curved on the inside, so there isn’t as much metal touching your finger. Since the edges curve up, the outer part of the band is bigger than the innermost part. Comfort fit wedding bands create a little less friction and are a little bit easier to slide on and off than standard fit rings.

Most of our men’s wedding rings at Manly Bands are comfort fit. If you know your standard fit size, subtract half a size for comfort fit. Each type feels different on everybody’s finger, so make sure you try on a ring of each type before purchasing.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s find your size. This is best left to the professionals, so head over to a local jewelry shop and get professionally sized. You should do this multiple times because finger sizes can change slightly throughout the day, so it helps to have a few different measurements as an average. You can also try on rings of different types, materials, and styles so you’ll know what feels best on your finger.

You can also order our ring sizer if you’d prefer to handle this yourself. With our ring sizer, you can take measurements as you please instead of having to travel to the jewelry store. This means you can take measurements at different times throughout the day, so you can find that sweet spot of a size. It also lets you wear it as long as you want, so you can see how it would feel on your finger for longer periods of time! It costs only $13 AND comes with an additional 20% off on a future purchase! Can’t get that deal anywhere else, folks.

Triceratops Dinosaur Bone Wedding Ring

The Triceratops Dinosaur Bone Wedding Ring

At the end of the day, it’s very important to make sure you measure your finger carefully before buying one of our wedding rings. These aren’t one size fits all ... everybody’s fingers are different, and everybody has a different preference. Check our FAQ page or reach out directly if you need more information about the importance of wedding ring sizing. 

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