The Safest, Most Comfortable Wedding Rings for Healthcare Workers

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The appreciation that we have for healthcare workers cannot be overstated; their hard work, sacrifice, and commitment to keeping us safe, especially during these trying times, do not go unnoticed. Healthcare workers need wedding rings that can withstand the conditions on the job. Fortunately, we here at Manly Bands have some awesome safe AND comfortable wedding rings for our healthcare workers!

Cobalt Chrome Wedding Rings

First up, we have cobalt chrome wedding bands. This mixture of cobalt and chromium is actually fairly new in the jewelry biz … it used to be primarily used on stuff like jet engines and medical applications. Hey, how ‘bout that! Seems like that alone should make it an awesome option for a healthcare worker (think of the puns you can make at work!) but, no, there’s more. 

Cobalt chrome wedding bands are as durable as they come and can withstand super-high temperatures. Oh, and they’re also hypoallergenic, so they won’t irritate your skin or cause a rash or anything like that.

luther cobalt chrome wedding ring

The Dapper Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring

And we haven’t even gotten to their looks yet. These wedding bands and their patented silver look are as sleek and beautiful as they come. Just check out The Knight and its rough stone finish or The Dapper with its Milgrain Accents and Hammer Finish … talk about a look. They even pair great with other materials, but we would not recommend a wood sleeve or inlay because you don’t want to get it wet and damage it on the job. 

Carbon Fiber Wedding Rings  

Sometimes doctors recommend more fiber to their patients, but, in a bit of role reversal, we’re recommending fiber to doctors. Carbon fiber wedding rings, to be more specific. They’re 12 times lighter than gold but SUPER-durable. If they do scratch or get nicked at work (accidents happen bro), it’ll buff right out! And they can even be cut off in the event of a work-related emergency. Plus, they’re hypoallergenic and chemical-resistant, so there won’t be any interactions with anything you may come in contact with on the job.

Spark Carbon Fiber Wedding Ring

The Spark Carbon Fiber Wedding Ring

We’ve got all sorts of carbon fiber rings available. You want something a little darker? Go with The Ash or The Tailwind. If you desire a bit more color, check out The Spark and its light-sensitive glass! 

Black Zirconium Wedding Rings

Black zirconium is another great option for healthcare workers. Let’s see why … they’re lightweight, comfortable, chemical-resistant, crack-resistant, AND hypoallergenic! But let’s take a look at their color. The dark is an excellent option for those who want to stand out and go against the grain of a traditional gold or lighter-colored wedding band. The charcoal gray of a black zirconium wedding band actually looks better with some wear and tear because some silver starts to shine through. 

We have an awesome selection of black zirconium rings. Check out The Stang and its charcoal gray color with a satin finish and gunmetal gray cerakote sleeve or The Storyteller and its brushed finish. 

Silicone Wedding Rings

Last, we have our silicone wedding rings. These rings are lightweight, SUPER-durable, and affordable, and they do not conduct electricity. They can withstand a physical beating and exposure to water, chemicals, or other hazardous materials. Silicone wedding bands are tough as nails, just like you, bro. 

Silicone wedding rings are the ultimate backup ring. If you have a nice expensive wedding ring that you don’t want to wear when it could get damaged (at work, at the gym, at the beach, etc.), send it to the bench and bring the silicone wedding band into the game. This way, you can still see and feel a ring on your finger while keeping your main expensive one safe. Don’t let that fool you though; lots of dudes, especially those working physically taxing jobs, have silicone wedding bands as their main option. 

best man silicon wedding ring

The Best Man Silicone Wedding Ring

Manly Bands sells three different silicone wedding bands, each for the price of $29.95. The Best Man is available in black, gunmetal, light gray, navy, denim, royal blue, and red while The Robin is available in black or gunmetal, and The Perry is available in black only. 

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Healthcare workers have always been heroes, but the spotlight has shined even brighter on them due to their tireless efforts and courage to keep us safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope all healthcare workers and beloved customers are staying safe during these trying times.

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