Wedding Rings 101: How Does Ring Resizing Work?

Wedding Rings 101: How Does Ring Resizing Work?

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You won’t have to resize your wedding ring all that often, but it might need the occasional adjustment. Maybe you want to wear it on a different finger, or maybe you’ve packed on or lost a few pounds and it doesn’t fit right anymore. It would be a lot easier if they were like adjustable baseball hats or wrist watches that you can resize as you please, but, alas … Fortunately, we're going to teach you all about wedding rings and how ring resizing works. 

What Materials Are Resizable? 

Wedding bands used to be exclusively made of gold … but not anymore. Manly Bands has led the charge to provide wedding rings of all sorts of different materials. You gotta have options, bro. But here’s the thing. Certain materials can be resized and certain materials can’t. We wish every one of our rings could be altered to fit you, but it’s just not possible. 

The Inventor Damascus Steel Wedding Ring  

Damascus Steel, titanium, black zirconium, tungsten, and carbon fiber wedding bands come as they are, just like your friends at a backyard barbecue. They can’t be resized, no matter how badly you may need it. On the other hand, wedding bands made of cobalt chrome, gold, and wood can be resized any way your heart desires … with a catch. 

Wood wedding bands can only be resized .5 from their original, and cobalt chrome can be resized .5 or 1 from their original. But gold is soft enough that it can be resized as much as you want … that’s one of the many reasons why gold is so popular. That, and the look, obviously, right?

Finding My New Size 

So, how do you find your new size? Great question.  But, first, let’s discuss how a wedding ring should feel on your finger. This will help give you a point of reference. It should be snug but not TOO snug. A properly sized wedding ring should go on and off with a little bit of friction, and you should be able to roll it around on your finger. If you shake your hand and it falls off or wiggles a bunch, it’s too big. If you can’t easily take it on or off or if it feels like it's cutting off circulation, it’s too small. It’s not rocket science … you can feel it out pretty easily.

  The Manly Ring Sizer 

Now, back to finding your ring size. There’s two ways to do this. First option? Mosey on down to your favorite neighborhood jeweler for a professional sizing. This is the most accurate option, as they are professionals, after all. Option number 2? Order our handy-dandy Manly Ring Sizer and do it yourself. This nifty tool lets you measure your own finger without getting off the couch. But wait, there’s more! When you order our ring sizer, you get 20% off a future purchase from Manly Bands! Talk about a win-win. 

The thing about your fingers is that they are not always the same size, and this is obviously super important when it comes to ring sizing. Your finger size changes, depending on factors like your diet, the temperature, the time of day, and other variables. So, if you’re going the professional route, be sure to visit multiple times. Maybe even at two different times of the day; say, in the morning and evening. 

And if you’re sizing yourself with our ring sizer, you should wear it for a longer duration of time. Not only does this give you a more accurate size, but it also helps you know what it feels like to have a wedding ring on your finger for a while. The extra weight on your finger might take some getting used to, and this is the best way to acclimate before you take that trip down the aisle. 

How to Resize Your Ring 

Now when you get your ring, be sure to try it on before the wedding and wear it for a little while. You gotta make sure it fits, and, if it doesn’t, this could ruin the big day. But if your ring doesn’t fit—no problem! Head over to our returns and exchange page, follow the prompts, and … boom! You’ll have a perfect new ring on your doorstep in a couple of quick weeks! For any other questions about ring sizing, or wedding rings in general, check out our FAQ page

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