5 Proposal Ideas with Kids

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When you marry someone, you marry their whole family. There are few (if any) places where that saying rings truer than marrying someone with kids. Hopefully, if a proposal is in the works, you have a good relationship with your significant other’s child. Hopefully, they’re on board and all-in on helping you with this proposal!

Why Incorporate Kids into Your Proposal?

Well, first of all, children are often unknowingly hilarious. While not always a perk, there’s sure to be something in the proposal that makes it memorable and special if you include the kid(s).

If you’re proposing to someone who has kids, it’s a good show of familial spirit. You’re incorporating the children into your life even more once you get married, so you want to start off strong. You could even take the kid along and go engagement ring shopping together. Could be a way to get some good insights!

If you have children of your own, it could be a great vote of confidence that your children accept your fiancée to be. If you have children together, it’s all the more special to include them and have the whole family involved.

Proposal Ideas with Kids

Get Creative

Nothing says fridge-worthy art project like a proposal sign. Whether you have your little artist do it solo or they sign off on the finished product, it’ll make for a long-lasting tangible memory. If the child in question is more artistic than you are (hey, no shame in it), then this might just be a good pragmatic choice.


Another option for tangible memory is to get a t-shirt with “marry me” or something along those lines printed on it. Bonus points if you’ve got more than one kid handy — you can throw a word or two on each shirt and get even more creative with it.

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Get Them Involved

Maybe the kid won’t be in on the main event itself directly, but you still want to include them. Ask for their advice! Granted, you probably want to make sure the kid is trustworthy first. Loose lips sink ships (relationships) … *ba dum tss* …

The degree of involvement will depend significantly on the age of the child, but as long as you keep it age-appropriate, you’re good. Maybe they’re too young to help you pick the perfect unique wedding rings, but they can have a hand in proposal planning.

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Use Them as an Excuse

This sounded better than dangling them as bait, but you get the idea. Maybe little Sarah just really wants to go to this park at exactly golden hour for “no reason.” Whatever it is, it’s easy to create a scenario to get your significant other where you need them to be for the proposal. You could also just structure your proposal around a kids’ event — even simpler.

Tag Team it

Maybe the two of you present the ring together. Whether they’re your kids or your partner’s, this is a great show of being on the same page as a new family.

But Don’t Do These Things

It’s likely pretty apparent what children can and can’t do in proposal settings, but let’s go through a couple real quick.

Don’t Give Them the Ring

Sure, they can have the ring when being a ring bearer, but that’s it. It should go without saying, but don’t lose sight of your ring. You want to guard that ring with your life and keep it safe before the wedding. Giving it away, even for a minute, just isn’t a good call.

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Don’t Put Too Much Pressure

This is supposed to be fun and exciting. While some kids will be super into being a part of this, others may be a little nervous or shy about it all. Take your time and feel out the situation. There’s no rule that says kids have to be involved if they aren’t comfortable with it.

Creating an instant family comes with a lot of challenges, but having children being a part of the proposal can be a lifelong memory and is a great way to form new bonds!

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