6 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Be Your Ring Bearer

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If you have a dog, you know how great life becomes once they’re a part of it. And although they require a lot of effort and attention, it’s the energy you’re happy to expend. Whether it’s a walk, a drive, or an hour at the dog park, you want to make your dog as happy as they make you. 

With your wedding day coming up, you’re surely thinking about how you can incorporate your dog—especially if you and your spouse got them together and treat them like your child. Ring bearers tend to be a child from the guest list, whether it is a spouse’s child from a previous marriage or a niece or nephew they want to show off. But let’s get real. Kids get distracted, and they’re nowhere near as cute as your dog. So why not switch them out with your dog instead? 

Here’s why you should leave your ring box in the paws of your furry friend. Whether you’re using a repurposed wedding ring or a brand new gold wedding band, your dog can deliver it to you at the altar—just like the good boy they are.   

Why Your Dog Should Be Your Ring Bearer

1. They’re your best friend.

Why use a niece or nephew when you can use your best friend in the world? Your dog is always at your heels, ready for any adventure, walk, trip, drive, and more. They want what’s best for you, more than whatever you could wish for them. That’s why they need to be by your side on your big day. 

2. They’ve strengthened your relationship.

For some spouses-to-be, their dog has strengthened their relationship, especially if they got them while they were dating or after they moved in together. Why shouldn’t they also carry the rings that will bind your love until the end of time? 

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3. They’ve always been there for you.

As mentioned, your dog always has your back. Whether it’s a scary animal that emerges while out walking in the woods or a stranger that you and your dog have a certain feeling about, your dog is always there to protect you. Through thick and thin, they’ve got you covered and will make sure you’re kept safe. Show them the same love. Show them that you trust them when you need them most. 

4. They can handle the pressure.

Your dog loves you more than anything else in the world. But when they’re on a mission? Well, they’re going to get lost in the moment. Whether it’s a specific sniff or abounding rabbit, they’re going to track them down. And don’t even get into when you need them; when you call their name and tell them to come. Watch how they run to you! It’s evident they can handle any level of pressure and will always heed your call. 

5. You’ve trained them well.  

Your dog was the best of their class when you brought them to puppy training school. And now look at them: They’re the best behaved at the dog park. Nothing can stop them from achieving the best, ready to be by your side. No gawking attendees will cause them to lose focus as they head down the aisle. They’ll shoot straight for you, ready to help you exactly as they’re supposed to. 

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6. They’re beyond adorable.

All right, let’s be serious: Your dog should be your ring bearer because of how damn adorable they are. Who doesn’t love a cute dog, the happy-go-lucky type that will always find a way to put a smile on your face? You’d be a fool not to feature their handsome face in one way or another. 

How to Prep Your Dog for the Day Of 

In preparation of your big day, you’ll need to equally make sure that your dog is up to the task. Here’s how to make sure they’re prepared to carry your wedding rings to the altar. 

Dress your dog up. 

You and your spouse are sure to look your best on the day of your wedding. Why should your dog look any less? Get them a comfy bowtie collar and suit jacket or pretty dress they can wear for the main event. Consider having them wear it a few times for your wedding day. This will make sure they know what to expect and can equally help them find comfort in it. It’s also a good idea to get them a collar to which a little pillow can be attached. Your ring boxes can be attached to it to make for simple carrying, rather than requiring them to carry it in their mouth. 

Train your dog for the aisle. 

Make sure they’re properly trained for the big day, too. That means having them do some test runs down the aisle both with you and on their own. Consider throwing some loud music on while they do it so they can be prepared to ignore any distractions. 

Put a Wedding Ring on That Finger, Already

Don’t wait another day to put a ring on your partner’s finger. We’ve got all the unique wedding bands that any man would love to wear. And when the big day comes, don’t rely on your best man to carry the ring for you. Get your dog to do it for you. 

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