7 Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding Ring

7 Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding Ring

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situations require repurposing ringLife happens, and sometimes we outgrow the things we once thought we’d use forever. Wedding rings are no different. Whether you’ve gained some weight, and the old one doesn’t fit or you’ve decided to renew your vows and get new wedding rings in the process, there might come a time when your current ring doesn’t do it anymore. 

What should you do with that old ring? There are some fun things you can do that you might not think of. Let’s first consider the situations at hand and how those will influence your decision. 

Situations That Require Repurposing Your Ring

Weight Fluctuation 

Gaining weight can be a major frustration for some people. One of the most common reasons being that significant weight gain will require you to purchase all new clothing. And, in some situations, you might find your fingers getting a little thicker, too. Don’t let it get you down, though. We all put on a little weight as we age, and things change from life as we once knew it.  Luckily, if you think your ring is getting a little tight, you can either repurpose it or considering ring resizing.. We’ll get more into the method of how you can repurpose a wedding ring, but it will depend on what you want it to become. 

the manly ring sizer

You’re renewing your vows.

If you and your spouse have managed to wade through the roughest waters, you might feel an increased bond—one that is stronger than the day you got married. Such couples might like the idea of renewing their vows. And for good reason: You’ve grown with age into a new couple and new people. Renewing your vows is yet another proclamation of your love, tested by time, hardship, and more. 

Couples renewing their vows might be all right with keeping their wedding rings as is. However, others might find it more impactful to get new rings at the same time. Rather than tossing their rings into the trash, they should consider fashioning them into something new. Let’s explore just what ways you can repurpose wedding rings, whether as new jewelry or a piece of artwork for your home. 

Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding Ring

So you want to repurpose your ring rather than throw it in the bin and don’t know where to start? Here are some simple ways to repurpose wedding rings that meet your needs. 

1. Get your ring remodeled.

Whether your weight fluctuated, are renewing your vows, or you're just bored, you can always consider getting your ring remodeled. We don’t just mean having your ring resized. Rethink your ring altogether! You can go for a design that is completely different and unique in its own way, or you can do something a bit more subtle!

The Guide

For people renewing their vows, you should consider incorporating the symbol of your love into your ring. What do you think of when you talk about your partner and your relationship? What is it that comes to mind when you say your partner’s name? Create a ring around that image. It’ll help you merge the past with the present, without buying a new ring altogether. 

2. Turn it into a necklace.

Sometimes the best thing to do is find a way to turn your ring into something new. For some people, they’ll still want to wear it close to their heart. In such cases, we recommend repurposing your wedding ring into a necklace. 

Black wedding rings will work especially well for this, especially when paired with a gold, silver, or rose gold chain. For rings with prominent diamond studs, you could even think about turning them into a pendant. Whatever option you decide to explore, make sure you make it personal. Otherwise, why even hold on to the ring?  

3. Make it into a new piece of jewelry (ring, bracelet, earring).

Repurposing doesn’t stop at necklaces, though. It’s a good idea to incorporate your ring into other types of jewelry, too. You might be thinking of repurposing your existing ring into an all-new ring altogether, but here are some other ideas to explore: 

incorporating your ring into other types of jewelry

  • Use the diamonds or inlay from your ring for a bracelet, incorporating it either as a strip or as a whole piece of the new band.
  • Turn your ring into an earring. This is a pretty simple project, but you can get fancy with it. Consider bringing it to a jeweler to have them bisegment it and turn it into two half-moon-shaped earrings. 
  • Turn it into a ring for a different finger! This can easily be accomplished with resizing, but you can explore other options, too, such as turning your old wedding ring into a toe ring (if that’s your kind of thing). 

4. Hold on to it for your kids. 

Personalizing your old wedding ring for yourself doesn’t always have to be your only option. Consider your ring as a family heirloom. Whatever the reason for repurposing it,  it shouldn’t matter. Even if it was a short-term marriage you’d like to forget, no one else needs to know about it—trust us, it’s our little secret (so as long as Dave stops bringing it up whenever he comes over). Hold on to it for your kids, nephew, or godson. It’ll be a nice gift when they have a love of their own. It will feel like passing on a part of yourself to them, too, sharing a little piece of history.

5. Donate it to someone in need. 

Don’t be afraid to offer it to someone else you know, either. Whether it’s a coworker, a friend, or a simple acquaintance, think about offering it as a gift to someone else who could use the help. It might sound like a simple gesture, but it could really mean a lot to someone in need. 

It’s a simple way to share the love, whether it’s love you once had and drifted away from or love you felt it necessary to hold on to even stronger. If you’re renewing your vows, it’s going to be seen as an even nicer gesture. It will be like sharing your luck with the other person. You’ve had success when it comes to romance and your bond is as strong as it’s ever been. Why not share that with someone else looking to commit themselves to a relationship for a lifetime?

6. Turn it into a piece of art for your home. 

If you and your partner are renewing your vows, now’s the time to use your rings for something unique. Take your old rings and center them into an art piece in your home. Here are some ideas you should consider: 

turn old rings into an art piece

  • Create a scrapbook of photos from your marriage ceremony and others from the years since. Incorporate your rings into the scrapbook, putting them alongside other notable memories from your wedding. 
  • Put the two of them into a picture frame alongside a piece of art that you have a local artist create for you. Think of it as a literal testament to your love.
  • Good with woodworking? Make a woodworking project that features your rings as minor inlays and embellishments within the piece, whether it is a coffee table, tea mugs, or spousal nightstands. 
  • Tear them apart and use them as an art piece of your choice, whether it is a painting you make together, a handmade clock, pottery, or whatever your heart desires. 

7. Put the stone to use. 

Did your original wedding ring feature a prominent stone in it? Think of how you can use that in other fashions! As mentioned above, it can be used for other forms of jewelry, from necklaces to bracelets. In other cases, you can use it as an accent on other devices and things you own, such as a wallet, handbag, eyeglasses, and more. 

However, you can always upgrade the stone, too. If you want to keep the ring but want to breathe new life into it, have the stone removed and replaced with another. It might not sound like much, but a new stone can give your wedding ring a whole new look and feel. If you want to replace it, think of the stone that’s right for you, whether you want it to be your birthstone, your partner’s birthstone, or the birthstone relative to your wedding date. 

the night raven

The Night Raven

Don’t Feel Like You Need to Hold On to Your Ring

Don’t be afraid to ditch your ring altogether. It might feel like the wrong thing to do, but it could be fun to start over. 

Think about selling it to a jeweler or a pawn shop, replacing it with a ring that fits your style and persona. 

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