Combined Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties: The Pros & Cons

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In all the insanity of planning your wedding, there is a fair chance you haven’t put much thought into your Manly Bachelor party (although, to be fair, your Best Man should be handling most of that…) Also, you can insert “Bachelorette Party” and “Maid of Honor” in the previous sentences, should you be on that end of the spectrum. We don’t discriminate around here.

So, considering there likely hasn’t been much thought to begin with… There probably hasn’t been any thought regarding a combined party.

Yes, we did just suggest that with a straight face.

Yes, we know what often happens at Bachelor Parties.

Yes, we’re still going there. Because, for all the limitations a combined party brings, there are a few points worth considering. And dag-nabbit, we’re going to present them. This blog is more than just beer-jokes and blue humor! Let’s get progressive!

The Cost Of Doing Business

For starters, there are aspects of a combined party that can mean saving you and your spouse-to-be a decent bit of money. From lower transportation costs (1 limo is cheaper than 2, dude. It’s basic math) to better group rates on admission, you can really cut the price down with a single, large party.

No, we aren’t suggesting you rewrite your entire “last weekend single” story just to save a few dollars, but it is a factor you should consider. With how much everything else involving your wedding with tally up to, money needs to be a factor in every decision… Not to mention, science has proven mo’ money means mo’ wedding band options. And who wants to argue with science?

Ok, simple one down. Let’s get more meaningful.

Too Big To (Not) Fail

You know what else a combined party makes easier? Planning. Aside from booking the much needed sober transportation, certain places and situations will require calling ahead to reserve a table, and making one set of plans is always easier. Not to mention, some places will cater better to a group of say, 10 or 12, rather than a group of 5 or 6. And if there is one thing this party needs, it’s a lot of VIP treatment.

You do have to be careful though. 12 tickets to a show may eliminate all that money you were aiming to save, and that limo for the “Dirty Dozen” won’t be quite as cheap as a smaller one. But if you make your plans early enough, the whole crew will be treated to a truly stellar experience.

Know Your Limits (And Your Spouse-To-Be’s)

While we’re talking about what exactly y’all will be doing for your combined party, we must bring up an important point: Talk to your future spouse first!

While odds are good you might shy away from the typical “gentlemen’s club” routine common to Bachelor Party lore (Or “Gentle Lady's Club… If that’s the correct term…), there is always room for a surprise curveball or two. Maybe she’s up for something like that, and you’ve just never had the guts to ask her before. And if she is, it could make for quite the interesting night.

And even if she isn’t, there could be a whole host of ideas in her brilliant little mind you’d never even have considered. We mean, she did choose you as her future husband, so she’s obviously a genius.

Point is: You’ll never know what sort of fun is to be had, or what not to consider, unless you talk it out first. Once you have some ideas and ground rules in place, your respective #1’s can take it from there.

A Happy Medium Is A Good Medium

All in all, your best reason to combine your parties lies with the fact that you two already party well together. You two know how to have fun, and what each other likes. So, since you two intend to party together for the rest of your lives, this may be a good time to start.

Sure, a combined party may keep things on the calmer side, with a nice dinner, followed by a show or some bar hopping. But that might not be such a horrible idea. Having each other there means you both have to stay on your “best” behavior, or that you can only misbehave together. Either way, it’s a better way to start your marriage than the old “what happens at the bachelor party, stays at the bachelor party” game.

Of course, that’s just a thought. Maybe you two really do need your own parties, where you can truly cut loose and enjoy your last vestiges of singleness. If there is enough loyalty and trust between you to wed, then there should be enough to have some fun separately. Like we suggested, you two should discuss the idea together first, and see if it is a fit for you.

… And while you’re at it, you can shop together to select that perfect Founder’s Line Ring. Like we said earlier, she has good taste. Why not put it to good use?

See you next time on the Manly Bands Blog!

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