Gold vs. Gold Plated Wedding Bands: Understanding the Differences

Gold vs. Gold Plated Wedding Bands: Understanding the Differences

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Perhaps you’re already engaged with your spouse-to-be or you’re putting the initial mental energy into it. If you’ve been doing such thinking, you might have also found yourself browsing around the internet. Beyond engagement rings, you need to start considering wedding bands for both you and your spouse. While you might expect options for men’s gold wedding bands to be few, there are many unique varieties to choose from, here at Manly Bands.

If you’ve started looking through our site or have begun designing your own, you might have seen descriptions of “gold plated” wedding rings. What does that mean, and is it any different from naturally gold wedding rings? Let’s take a closer look to discuss how they differ from one another.

the billionaire gold wedding ring

The Billionaire Gold Wedding Ring

Gold Wedding Rings

Gold wedding bands are just that: They are rings made of solid gold. Most every ring from Manly Bands is made with 14 karat gold. The benefit of such a material solution is that our rings are desired to be as durable as they are beautiful. Furthermore, thanks to solid gold being a softer metal, your ring can easily be resized in the future without having to worry about the integral nature of your ring being destroyed. 

Gold Plated Wedding Rings

Gold plated wedding rings are different from their solid gold counterparts in how the gold is dispersed through the ring. Where a solid gold ring is made by pouring molten gold into a mold, where it is allowed to harden, gold plated rings are made by electroplating gold onto a ring made from other base metals. This dipping process allows a thin film of gold to coat itself across the entirety of the ring, giving it the bright, sheer gloss and shine of natural gold.

While the thickness of the gold plating will depend on the ring and the manufacturer, there is a specific benefit that gold plated rings offer: affordability.

By bonding a small outer layer of gold to a more durable, inexpensive base metal, you receive a ring that is physically tough without being as inexpensive as the solid gold alternative. Better yet, no one will know the difference between the two, so it can just be you and your spouse’s little secret.

the mvp tungsten wedding ring

The MVP Tungsten Wedding Ring

Knowing Which Men’s Gold Wedding Bands Are for You

Between the two varieties of gold wedding rings available to you, there are pros and cons that need to be weighed for each. Solid gold tends to be the preferred choice for men’s gold wedding bands, solely due to its inherent metallic value. It is a durable ring made of superior metal, and it’s simply more valuable. Furthermore, it’s the better choice for men who have regular skin irritation or breakouts caused by allergic reactions, as gold is largely nonreactive. However, as beautiful, durable, and valuable as it is, those qualities reflect in the price tag—solid gold rings are not inexpensive, and that should be taken into account for any men who are on a tight budget. 

On the other hand, gold plated rings are the more affordable choice—the tiny amount of gold layered across the surface makes for a ring that looks incredible without inflating the price tag. Primary downsides include possible allergic reactions, caused by whatever base metal is used, and staining of the skin, usually leaving that common green ring around the finger.

Furthermore, gold plated wedding bands require regular upkeep, as small amounts of moisture and sweat can lead the thin gold layer to degrade quickly. So, you need to be safe whenever using such jewelry, being wary of what you interact with and how you maintain it, to ensure that it lasts.

the barron gold wedding ring

The Barron Gold Wedding Ring

Manly Bands’ Gold Plated Wedding Bands

At Manly Bands, all of our gold plating techniques are completed on tungsten bands, meaning you’ll be left with durable and stunning gold plated wedding bands. Rather than using silver as the base metal, which would eventually find its way through the gold plated surface due to scratching, we chose tungsten—thanks to its superior scratch-resistant qualities. 

If you’re the type of man who wants a ring that can stand up to the everyday grind without breaking the bank, a gold plated wedding band is your best option. As long as you take care of it, it’s going to last you a lifetime.

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