How to Choose Men’s Wedding Band Width

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Choosing the perfect manly wedding band for you is a journey. Whether you want a wedding ring with personality or one with a specific men’s design, we’ve got you covered at Manly Bands. But what about sizing? 

We can fit any ring to your finger, but the challenge becomes knowing what ring is right for your finger. While you may know your ring size, you might not know the perfect men’s wedding band width.

How do you choose your men’s wedding band width? It takes knowing a few things and considering the structure of your hands to find out. 

Do you want a thin or wide ring? 

You might not have considered this yet, but you’ll want to consider the width of your ring. Do you like a ring that is thin or do you want one that’s thick? Do you want one that’s sizable on your finger or one you can hardly notice? The width of your ring will determine how it feels, so you want to make sure you get it right. 

Thin Wedding Bands 

Thin wedding bands are often recommended for men that are wearing rings smaller than 9. Thin bands tend to be less than 7 millimeters (mm) in width, intended for men with smaller, thinner hands. 

The reason for the smaller size is so the wedding band doesn’t look as imposing on a person’s finger. For first-time ring wearers, wedding bands any wider can feel intense on the finger. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants a wedding ring that never feels like it there – it just is. 

Best of all, thinner bands tend to be more affordable than wider bands, due to them using fewer materials. 

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Wider Wedding Bands

Comparatively, wide wedding bands are great for guys with larger fingers and who have a thicker, broader build. This includes men wearing a ring larger than a size 9; men with large, long hands; and men who are used to wearing sizable rings on their fingers. 

It also includes men who want rings that stand out on their fingers. For some men, a thin wedding band isn’t enough; they want others to see how much they love their spouse, and they’re willing to wear the widest wedding band to show it off. 

How to Choose Men’s Wedding Band Width 

So, how do you decide what ring width works best for your finger? And the thing is, you’ll never know unless you try it on yourself. It’s best you try out various ring sizes at your local jeweler to get an idea of what feels and looks right on your finger. 

But there’s a little more to consider when it comes to widths, solely besides how it feels and looks on the finger. Wider wedding bands allow for more room when it comes to adding designs. This could be a cerakote filling or the addition of gems, either now or in the future. 

However, there are some general rules of thumb – well, ring finger, *ha* – that should be followed, although it’s always fun to break the rules. 

If You Have Long Fingers

Generally, wide bands tend to look better on long fingers. The reason is that they’ll fill more space between the knuckles, looking more natural on the finger. However, if you like thinner rings, you shouldn’t go too thin, as it might look strange. 

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If You Have Short Fingers 

Short fingers tend to work best with thin rings. While you could wear a wider ring, it might lead to your short fingers also looking wide. Thin rings help by thinning out your fingers, which makes them look longer. 

For Men with Thin Fingers

Want to make your thin fingers look wider? Grab a wider wedding band to go with your small ring size. 

For Men with Wide Fingers 

Wide rings tend to look good on wider fingers, as they’re more flattering – they won't make your fingers look hot doggish (trust us). 

Find the Manliest Ring for Your Finger

Finding the right width ring for you will take some time, and you may even benefit from going to a local jeweler to try on some sizes to get an idea. But whatever you’re looking for, we have unique wedding rings that will fit your size and style. Start your search today and find the manliest ring for your finger in no time.

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