Manliest Ring of the Month: Meteorite

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Gather ‘round, men. You’re looking for your wedding ring, the ring that’s going to knock your socks off. You want a ring that no one can look away from—you might even upstage your bride on the altar. 

Yet, you’re still searching, unsure of what ring is perfect for you. A carbon fiber wedding band might be the choice for you, but is it perfect? There must be something insane out there? Literally out of this world, right?  

Well, your search is over. Meteorite wedding rings. You heard us right. Meteorite wedding rings, for your finger, from all eternity ‘til death do you part. 

We all know the importance of wedding rings, and that’s why it’s ever-important to get a ring that blows you away. That’s why you’ll have a meteorite wedding ring slipped on your finger in no time. 

They’re out of this world (literally).

Now is the time to pull up your chairs and listen closely: meteorites. Asteroids and meteorites kick major ass. Not sure of the difference? Asteroids are large rocks, smaller than planets, that orbit the sun; meteorites (also called comets) are parts of asteroids that have broken off, entered space, and eventually entered earth’s atmosphere. 

That shooting star you shared your first kiss with your partner under? Boom, that was a meteorite, tearing ass through the night sky. 

Most meteorites burn up in the atmosphere, but some still make it through. Millions to billions of years old, these mixtures of flying metal bring the past right to you. When we talk about the Gibeon meteorite, we’re talking about a four-billion-year-old rock of iron. A meteorite flew to Earth, smashed through its atmosphere, and broke apart across the surface of our globe—across an area of 171-by-62 miles in Namibia.  

That’s where it comes from, and that’s why we love it. Its history is wild. Better yet? It’s rare and unique. Gibeon meteorite pieces are one of a kind among rocks. You’ll never find others like it. You think Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot was rad? Imagine literally carrying stardust with you wherever you go. 

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Get a load of this guy.  

Okay, tape your glasses together and get your pocket protector. Gibeon meteorite pieces are f@$%ng killer for a particular reason: It is scientifically awesome. Gibeon meteorite pieces get their look from what is called the Widmanstätten pattern: a triangular pattern, seen in iron-nickel ore, which makes each thin band of material unique from the last. 

Okay, so what’s the importance here? This furthers the notion that every piece of meteorite is unique. That’s right. No one of our rings is the same as the last. Each is different in its own way, so your ring is both out of this world and the only of its kind in this world. 

Okay … it’s cool. 

As we’ve said time and time again, our meteorite rings are awesome. They’re cool, and we can’t get over them, okay? Our wood wedding bands and antler wedding bands are equally unique, in that there is no other like it out there, but come on. Our meteorite rings are actually from outer space. 

You were the kid who looked up at the stars at night, fascinated at the little glimmers in the sky. It was incredible. And now here you are. You’re wearing a part of deep space on your finger. And it acts as a symbol of your love? We’re talking about one of the greatest wedding rings you can find! 

But there’s more to it than that. Our meteorite rings come in various band materials, from cobalt chrome to black zirconium to 14K yellow gold. Whether you want to accentuate the ring with a gold band or a silver-colored band, we’ve got you covered. You can even choose your band based on the ring strength you need, especially if you’re someone who works with your hands every day. 

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Your wedding ring should be out of this world, from another galaxy, even. That’s why our meteorite wedding rings kick serious butt. Not sure what ring is perfect for you? Your ring is waiting for you—and the mere idea of it is going to drive both your younger you and your current you out of your respective minds. Want to learn more cool facts about meteorites? Check out this link from our friends at Night Sky Pix.

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