Manliest Ring of the Month: Titanium

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You’re looking for a ring that fits your lifestyle. You’ve gone crazed, Gollum-like, searching all over for the perfect ring. Could this be it? No, it’s not the one, it can’t stand up to your needs. So you continue searching. 

Wait. Could it be? What’s that glimmering up on the hill? It could be a pile of silver, but even that wouldn’t be enough to satiate you. You need it to be the ring of your dreams, the ring you’ve long imagined around your finger. You begin crawling toward it, soon jogging, suddenly running. 

ManlyBands’ The Frontiersman

The Frontiersman

And there you are. It’s right in front of you. You hold it up to the sun, you watch it shine. You feel its weight, its strength, and you know that your dreams have finally manifested. This is your ring, the ring you have long looked for. It’s a men’s titanium wedding band, the ring you’ve been looking for forever. 

What makes men’s titanium wedding bands so amazing that you’ll turn into a near monster to search for them? Well, a lot of things. But here’s the benefit: You don’t have to become a feral, growling and gnashing beast to get your titanium wedding ring. You just have to search through our collection at Manly Bands and … BOOM! There it is, the ring you love, right on your finger. 

Affordable and High-Quality

First things first. You don’t need to break the bank to get an outstanding titanium ring. For instance, you can get The Architect for just $250 – even less when we run a promotion, too. 

Treated and Interesting

What makes titanium especially cool? It’s pure. It doesn’t require any treatments to maintain its beautiful light gray appearance, nor does it need to be alloyed to increase strength. Some people will decide to add a treatment to titanium rings, but it’s usually for aesthetic purposes only. 

Strong and Light 

Steel is strong? Sure. Titanium? It’s stronger, while being less dense, too. That means your titanium ring will be strong while being feather-light. It doesn’t tarnish when in contact with natural materials, and it’s a poor conductor of both heat and electricity, making it a safe ring for people who regularly work with potentially dangerous equipment. 

Hypoallergenic and Ready-to-Wear

Have sensitive skin? Have allergic reactions to most materials on earth? Titanium is the perfect ring for you, as it is very friendly to the human body – one of the many reasons it’s used for medical devices and joint and limb replacement parts. 

The benefit is that titanium is not an alloy – it isn’t a combination of any other metals; it is all pure. It’s also highly durable, so it won’t ever hold onto toxins it comes into contact with, nor will it tarnish due to chemical exposure. 

Some of Our Favorite Titanium Rings 

  • The Hunter

Are you the man who lives in the woods? The man who heads out early in the morning for the hunt, spending the day hunting your prey? The Hunter is the perfect ring for you, the embodiment of why you head into the woods. 

  • The Everest

Named after surveyor George Everest, Mount Everest is the pinnacle. It’s the top, the goal that anyone who is anything is reaching for. The Everest is no different. It’s the ring for the trailblazer, the man always aiming for the highest peak. Adorned with mountain and tree detailing, it’s the ring intended for the explorer. Is that you? 

ManlyBands’ The Everest

The Everest

  • The Frontiersman

You’re not fit for the city. You take the outside world above anything society has to offer you. You go off the grid, make your own path and head off on your own – with your spouse, of course. You’re The Frontiersman, the man constantly searching for greater land, something you can call your own.  

Discover Our Manliest Collection of Wedding Rings

If you’re in the market for a great wedding ring that’s affordable and sturdy, look no further than our titanium rings. Whether you’re an outdoor explorer or a man who likes working with his hands, our titanium rings will be able to stand up to your lifestyle.

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