Manliest Ring of the Month: Why Your Finger Needs a Tantalum Wedding Band

Manliest Ring of the Month: Why Your Finger Needs a Tantalum Wedding Band

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You’re getting married? First off, congratulations! Second, do you already have a ring picked out? Any style you have in mind? Yes, style. Gold wedding bands aren’t the only option available to you as a man. Chances are, you’re a cool guy, unique in your own right, whether you’re a woodworker on the side, you like building PCs in your free time, or you’re an avid hunter. A gold band fits the mold, but why not break it? That’s what being a man is all about, right? 

The Marlow Tantalum Ring

If you want to step up your style when it comes to your wedding day, you need to consider a tantalum wedding band. “Titanium?” No, tantalum. We get it. It’s not a popularly known metal, but there’s a reason it should be. 

What Makes Tantalum Wedding Bands Rad

You’re not alone if you’ve never heard of tantalum. First discovered in 1802 by Anders Gustav Ekeberg and accurately identified in 1846 by Heinrich Rose, tantalum has grown in popularity within the engineering industry, where it is considered a technology-critical element due to its use in the construction of computer parts, smartphones, video game systems, and more. 

“That’s cool and all, but what makes it rad?”   

The rad thing about tantalum is that it is a hard, rare metal that is highly corrosion-resistant. Let’s break down its key attributes, though. 


Tantalum is, first and foremost, highly durable. If you’re a weightlifter, a machine worker, or anyone who works with your hands, this is the ring for you. It will stand up to anything you put it against, resistant to scratching, corrosion, and breakage, all while maintaining that beautiful shine. 

 The Tantalum Ring


You’ll want a ring that will feel comfortable at all times—your wife might not be keen about you regularly taking it off. Tantalum is a great option for daily comfort, as it doesn’t conduct what or react with other metals. This means you’ll be able to work and play while knowing your ring will never be put in harm’s way. 


Tantalum has a lustrous blue-gray color that is nothing but masculine. Due to its corrosion resistance, a tantalum ring will always look brand new, whether polished or not. 

Skin Irritation

Beyond likely being found in your PS5 or GeForce RTX card, helping you game at incredible quality, tantalum is also found in medical devices. Tantalum’s biocompatible and hypoallergenic properties mean that it won’t irritate your skin or cause allergic reactions like nickel. 

Tantalum vs. Tungsten vs. Titanium

“All right, I get what tantalum is now. But how is it different from tungsten and titanium?”

When considering tantalum vs. tungsten, the biggest difference comes down to hardness. Tungsten has that natural gunmetal color, but it is not as heavy or scratch-resistant as tantalum; whereas tantalum is shatter-resistant, standing up to whatever you put it up against, tungsten is shatterproof. 

Now, titanium vs. tantalum?”

Titanium makes for an incredible ring, one that goes pound for pound with tantalum. Both are hypoallergenic, resistant to physical damage, and have that natural shine. But how do they differ? 

The primary difference between titanium and tantalum comes down to weight and scratch-resistance. Titanium is much lighter than tantalum, and some men might prefer having a heavy ring they can feel on their fingers. On the other hand—well, not really—tantalum is not as scratch-resistant as titanium. 

So it’s a minor tradeoff between which metal you prefer. But if you’re looking for a weighty metal with a beautiful natural look and a toughness to stand up to whatever you throw at it, our money is on tantalum. 

 The Reyes Tantalum Ring

Discover Our Manliest Collection of Wedding Rings

Not sure if a tantalum wedding band is the right ring for you? Don’t fret it, man. We get it. Getting married is a big thing and, just as you want to guarantee you’re marrying the right woman, you want to make sure you end up with the perfect ring. We offer a variety of different wedding band materials to choose from, from gold to Damascus steel, to dinosaur bone. And if you feel like getting creative, you can always make your own custom wedding ring.

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