Planning a Micro Wedding That Feels Like a Mega Wedding

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It’s been a weird year, to say the least. Lots of lovely couples have had to postpone their weddings because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But other couples are adapting on the fly and opting for smaller ceremonies to stay in line with safety guidelines and keep guests healthy. Even though you may not be able to have the big crowd you want, you can still throw a small ceremony that feels like an extravagant wedding!

Treat Yo Self 

Look, bro, you don’t need to be a CPA to know that weddings are expensive, no two ways about it. But here’s the thing about smaller weddings … with fewer people invited, you can splurge on the big day to make the event a bit fancier. It’ll be like your own Gatsby party, but you’re in charge of the guest list. Take advantage of the smaller crowd and put your hard-earned money to good use and throw the party of a lifetime.

So, how exactly can you splurge on your smaller wedding? Let’s start with the food and drinks. Splurge a little bit for a few top-shelf bottles that you may not normally drink and treat your guests to a delicious meal from a gourmet chef. It’s a special occasion and you gotta celebrate … ain’t no stoppin’ the champagne from poppin’ on YOUR wedding day, right bro? 

And you can’t pop Cristal in just any outfit; you need the clothes to match. Splurge on the wedding dress or tuxedos and accessories like jewelry or shoes. You can also spend lavishly on entertainment like the band or DJ. And what about the decorations? You can make the place look nice and fancy with flowers, banners, and other extravagant accessories. There’s SO many options here, and these are just a few ways to splurge. It’s your special day and your money––get creative with it and spend it how you want. 

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Destination Staycation Wedding 

Destination weddings are always an awesome idea. Who doesn’t love getting away for a few days and celebrating such a joyous occasion? Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to throw a destination wedding due to the current situation with COVID-19 … but it’s not impossible, as long as you prioritize health and safety.

You and your small group of friends or family can get out of town for a weekend together for your wedding. More and more couples are opting to utilize the outdoors for weddings during the COVID-19 era because you can safely social distance in the fresh air. Plus, nature is just so beautiful and cool (more like neature––right? right?)  Popular options include the mountains and the beach where you can rent your own house or cabin with your crew.

Now, and we like to joke around a lot here at Manly Bands, but we need to get serious for a moment and talk about how to do this safely. First, make sure you’re following any local health and safety guidelines. Ideally, the small number of crew invited have all tested negative and do not show symptoms. Anybody showing symptoms should not attend, and you must stay together throughout the trip, only leaving your house or cabin for necessities. Even if there’s only a few of you there, you all sharing the same space together for the first time in eons will make it feel bigger, especially after months of social distancing and quarantine.  

Use the Interwebs

If you want to throw a small wedding that feels big, get online. At this point, you’re probably familiar (probably TOO familiar) with various platforms like Zoom and FaceTime since they’ve been the window to your friends and family in the outside world. Virtual weddings have become super duper popular these days for a lot of different reasons, these days, and one of the main benefits is that you can invite WAY more people and it’s WAY easier to plan. You just pick the date and time, pick the platform, send the invite, and then––boom. Party. 

small wedding party posing outdoors

You can even invite some people like close friends and immediate family over and broadcast the wedding via Instagram or Facebook Live or have everybody view via video chat room. This way, everybody can watch, no matter how far away they are! And there are tons of ways to have fun with it. You can even coordinate activities like an in-person wedding … eat, drink, dance, and be merry together. Modern technology sure is something, right bro? Now you’re ready to plan your little big day! Oh, and how could we forget? Order your wedding rings for the big day from us ASAP!


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