The Pros & Cons to Wedding Ring Shopping With Your Fiancé

The Pros & Cons to Wedding Ring Shopping With Your Fiancé

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As your relationship progresses forward, you’ll find out quickly that there’s no “i” in team. You and your partner are gonna be spending a lot of quality time together … but do you have to do EVERYTHING together? There are some clear benefits and drawbacks of doing some stuff with your significant other, like watching sports, exercising, or … wedding ring shopping? Yeah, let’s run through the pros and cons of wedding ring shopping with your fiancé real quick.

PRO: Sizing

The first pro is you don’t have to guess their size when shopping. If you’ve ever tried to buy clothes, shoes, or whatever as a gift, you know this pain. Standing there, a confused look on your face, flip-flopping between size options as the gravity of the situation pushes down on your shoulders. We’ve all been there. When you shop together, no more guessing their size!

Wedding ring size is super important, so it’s not something you can just ballpark like a pair of joggers. It’ll be helpful if they’re shopping with you because they can try on the rings beforehand to find the right size and figure out what type of “feel” they want from their ring, ya know. 

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CON: It Could Ruin the Surprise

Let’s say you want to surprise your partner with a romantic proposal that they’ll never see coming. Well, it’ll be difficult to do that if you go engagement ring shopping together. Even if they’ll be surprised during the actual moment, it won’t completely come out of nowhere because you’ll already have picked out the ring together. Plus, you’re gonna miss out on their genuine facial expression when they see their new ring for the first time. If you want to REALLY be a master of surprise and stealth, you can’t shop for the ring together. 

PRO: Spending Quality Time Together

The saying is old as time: “Couples who wedding ring shop together, stay together.” Well, actually, it’s not that old because we just made it up, but you get our point. Wedding ring shopping is a great way to spend quality time with your partner. Wedding and engagement rings are pretty important, symbolically, because they are physical representations of your commitment to each other, so you may as well lean into this symbolic element and pick one out together. Deep, right? 

And you could even turn it into a whole big activity, almost like a date. Peruse some rings, get lunch, shop around for some other items, maybe catch a matinee. So many possible activities, and that time spent together only brings you two closer and makes you more excited for marriage. 

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CON: It Miiiiiight Take a While

Is there such a thing as spending TOO much time together? Well, you may find out if you wedding ring shop together. Engagement and wedding rings aren’t something you settle for; you have to find the perfect one. It’s not like buying socks, where you can just grab a pack off the shelf without breaking stride and be good to go. 

It’s more like buying shoes. You gotta try them on first and make sure they fit, plus you gotta walk around and make sure they feel good and that you can wear them all the time. You gotta be ready to look at and try on a lot of different rings until you find the right one, and that may take a while. 

PRO: A Second Opinion

When it comes to wedding rings, there are a LOT of options out there. Wedding rings used to be predominantly gold, but today there are so many other materials available. There’s also a bunch of different styles. Like, some rings have sleeves and inlays of different materials that give the ring a unique look and feel. 

With so many different choices, it’s always helpful to have a second opinion. The process may feel overwhelming at first, but having your partner by your side will make picking a ring much less stressful. They can help narrow down your options until you find the perfect ring for you. 

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CON: A Second Opinion

On the other hand … sometimes a second opinion can make decision-making a bit more difficult. With so many choices available, you may find you and your partner don’t exactly see eye to eye on your wedding ring. This will make it a bit harder to come to a decision, and you may start second-guessing your gut, which is never good. 

woman man ring on log

Well, bro, wedding ring shopping with your fiancé has some clear pros and cons. But, in the end, the choice is yours to make as a couple. And, whether you choose to shop stag or with your partner, make sure you order the wedding ring from us here Manly Bands!

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