Tips on Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring to Renew Your Vows With

Tips on Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring to Renew Your Vows With

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An important event like a wedding vow renewal needs an important ring, wouldn’t you say so, dude? Well, you’re in luck. Manly Bands is here to help you find a perfect and unique ring to renew your vows with. Let’s learn more, shall we? 

Vow Renewal 101 

Wedding vow renewal is a pretty self explanatory concept … couples get together and renew their vows to each other from their original marriage. But it can be confusing since it’s not actually a second wedding, just a celebration of the renewed love between two people. You can do it pretty much whenever you want.  Some couples celebrate a milestone anniversary with a vow renewal, while others use them as a way of starting fresh after a rough patch.

New vs. Old Rings

Unlike weddings, there isn’t really a tradition when it comes to exchanging rings when renewing your vows. But there are pretty much two choices: You can exchange your “old” rings, or you can get some fresh new rings for the exchange. 

Getting a new ring ties in perfectly with the symbolism of renewed love, but there’s nothing wrong with swapping your old rings again. This can feel nostalgic and is a nice callback to your wedding day. Either way, it’s completely up to you and your spouse. Talk it over beforehand, and you’ll figure out how to celebrate the special day. 

The Futurist Carbon Fiber Wedding Ring

Ring Ideas 

If you opt to go with new wedding bands for your vow renewal, you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter what you and your partner are looking for; Manly Bands has a ring for your vow renewals. 

Check out our carbon fiber wedding rings. Are you looking for a ring that’s super lightweight AND durable AND looks great? Say no more. Carbon fiber is 12 times lighter than gold but tough as nails, and it’s loved for its shine and sparkle. It’s used in Formula 1 racing and aerospace engineering, so you know it’s gotta be good, bro. 

Carbon fiber rings also pair perfectly with other inlays and sleeves, so you can mix and match materials as you please. Take a look at The Lightning, a beautiful glass fiber ring with a silver coating. Or what about The Futurist, a black zirconium ring with a 4mm inlay of silver carbon fiber. Our carbon fiber rings are as strong as your renewed love. 

Our meteorite rings are another excellent option for your wedding vow renewal ceremony. We know what you’re wondering, dude, and, yes, you read that correctly … meteorite. They literally came from outer space. How cool is THAT?!?! These rings contain pieces of the Gibeon meteorite and are one of a kind, which means that your ring is YOUR ring only, dude. 

May we direct you to The Armstrong? This is a ring of handcrafted titanium with a meteorite sleeve. This shiny silver ring sparkles as bright as your love for each other. If you want something a little darker and unconventional, go with The Callisto. This black zirconium band has a Gibeon meteorite inlay and a solid 14k rose gold accent. If you want a ring that’s out of this world, go with our meteorite wedding bands. 

jeweler makes a piece of jewelry

Custom Wedding Rings

For all the perfectionists who can’t seem to find their perfect rings, you’re in luck! Manly Bands allows our customers to channel their inner artist and customize their own rings! You can use any metals, inlays, and sleeves to create the wedding ring of your dreams. 

Certain materials can even be engraved with whatever you want! You can engrave the date of your vow renewal, your hometown skyline, your initials, your area code, or whatever you want! But the only caveat? You gotta fit it within the character limit. But you’re a smart guy. Get creative and make it work. 

There are endless possibilities when you customize a ring with us, bro. You want a titanium band with a wood inlay? Bam. What about a black zirconium band with a cerakote inlay and an engraving of your initials? No problem, just shop our selection of badass wedding rings and you’ll have yours in no time!

Congratulations, bro. You are now ready to crush your vow renewal ceremony with the perfect wedding ring! Need something else? We’re always here for you, bro. 

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