Tips on Planning the Rowdiest Virtual Bachelor Party

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The bachelor party, the last hoorah: You and all your best dudes uniting from all meridians of the globe in one location like Nashville or Las Vegas for an epic sendoff before you begin your journey as a married man. 

Unfortunately, the health and safety precautions plus travel restrictions resulting in the COVID-19 pandemic have made this all but impossible for the time being. But don’t worry dude; you’re not completely SOL. You can still have a rowdy virtual bachelor party with all your best bros. Let’s find out how to plan digital bachelor festivities. 

Figure Out the Logistics

First things first. You gotta work out the logistics. This part is actually a bit easier for a virtual bachelor party than an in-person event. We don’t need to lecture you about how hard it is to find a weekend that works for everybody, and then book all the flights and hotels, and THEN book the itinerary, and THEN … you get the point. All you gotta do for a virtual party is find the dates and times when everybody can hop on their phone and computer. Then you gotta pick a platform. 

Zoom, Google Hangout, group FaceTime, HouseParty, and others all work great, but each has some slight differences, so do some homework beforehand. The platform will mostly depend on how many people are in the bachelor party. Some are better suited to handle more people in the same video chat than others, and you may even want or need to splurge for a paid or premium service. Most of this stuff can be accomplished in an email or text thread. Pretty simple. 

Bachelor Party Staples

Now that we’ve got all the “boring” stuff out of the way, let’s talk about the fun. What are the best parts of bachelor parties? Traveling to a cool new city? All the dudes hitting the town in matching t-shirts with a hilarious witty phrase or wild picture? The delicious dinners and ice-cold beer? Reminiscing about the great times you’ve had together, and looking forward to what's to come? Well, some of these staples are still possible, with some slight adjustments and outside-the-box thinking. 

video conference call with friends

Let’s say you had planned a bachelor party weekend in Las Vegas. Put out a Zoom background of the Strip, or even decorate your house or apartment a little bit to make it feel like you’re somewhere else. After spending the last few months indoors, this small adjustment can provide a much-needed change of scenery. Make those themed t-shirts and send them out to everybody. You can still get that fresh outfit off from behind the screen. 

Look up the menu of one of the restaurants you were going to visit and pick something to prepare (or order from a similar place if it’s too complex). You could also share the drink recipe from a restaurant or bar and have everybody prepare a beverage of choice. 

Then, recreate the casino atmosphere and play card games over the screen. You can even put some cash money down, just like you’re at the casino, and see if Lady Luck is on your side. No table minimums at the virtual casino! But look, bro, that’s just an idea. You guys can do it however you like. There are oh-so-many different ways to have fun with it. 

The More, the Merrier 

Those on the other side of the altar are likely in the same boat as you, struggling to put together a bachelorette party after their original plan has been altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, there’s a solution to both of your problems … a virtual joint bachelor and bachelorette party

These are becoming more and more popular, today, and it makes sense once ya think about it. There has already likely been some mingling among your friends and theirs, so you probably know each other well enough. And the games may be more fun with more people! You’re going to spend the rest of your lives together; why not party together and make the best of the situation?

men passed out in messy room

Look, bro, you can still have fun at your bachelor party even if you can’t link up in person. That time will come. Soon enough, the whole gang will get together and celebrate. In the meantime, keep getting ready for the wedding and don’t forget to snag a mens wedding band from Manly Bands!

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