What’s the Difference Between a Wedding Band and a Wedding Ring?

What’s the Difference Between a Wedding Band and a Wedding Ring?

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You often hear the terms “wedding ring” and “wedding band” thrown around interchangeably. This is done so often, you might assume they’re the same thing. 

Is There Even a Difference? 

Well, yes and no. The terms are used interchangeably. However, if you go looking for wedding bands, it’s not like rings will be nowhere to be found (or vice versa). While functionally they’re interchangeable, there are some small differences between the two.


The biggest difference between the two is style. A wedding band is exactly that. It’s a simple band you wear with no main stone or significant adornment. There are many types of men’s wedding bands out there, and their simple styling is timelessly popular.

When it comes to men’s options, wedding rings aren’t all that popular. A ring has some sort of center stone (and maybe others as well) and usually has a more ornate and adorned style. Even if simpler, wedding rings tend to only be popular in women’s styles. 

On the flip side of this, it isn’t uncommon for women to wear wedding bands, especially if someone prefers a simpler look or lives an active lifestyle where a center stone could get damaged.

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Bands tend to be a bit more functional in day-to-day life. Wedding rings with center stones can get caught on clothing or blankets or hit on corners of tables and other furniture. That being said, wedding rings with solitaire stones are immensely popular, so this shouldn’t dissuade you if you want one. If durability is a concern, you also want to choose your metals carefully.

You do have to pay a bit more attention when wearing a ring than a band, but it won’t alter your everyday life much. Especially once you get used to wearing it, it becomes like second nature to navigate around the center stone on your finger.

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Can I Wear a Ring and a Band?

Yes, absolutely! You may not want to buy a wedding ring and a wedding band separately, though. While you absolutely can, if you like, it isn’t always the best way to go about it.

Things like wedding ring enhancers are made to complement wedding rings and can be worn well with them. Enhancers tend to be simply styled bands that will fit nicely next to your wedding ring. These allow the wedding ring to still be the star of the show while adding stylistic and visual depth to your ring.

Which Band Is Right for Me?

That really depends on your tastes and lifestyle. Many men like simple designs and start out by looking at the classic gold wedding rings and go from there. You don’t have to go simple just because you’re going classic, though. Plenty of gold men’s bands have ornate inlays and designs to give your ring some flair without going overboard.

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If you live an active lifestyle, having a durable band is the way to go. You could always have a silicone band as a backup (which is just a good idea in general) if you’re worried about damage to your ring. Softer materials like gold can bend a bit more easily, so if you’re someone who wants to wear his ring 24/7, you may want to look for a more durable material.

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There’s really no right answer when it comes to picking out wedding rings and wedding bands. Try out plenty of options and just see what fits (literally and metaphorically). Go with your gut — it’s something you’ll be wearing for a long time, so you might as well love it!

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