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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand... Somethings: The Manly Guide to Booking A"Dudeoir" Photos

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand... Somethings: The Manly Guide to Booking A

Ah, the classic boudoir photo shoot. There is very little on this spinning rock that will light a manly man's fire quite like some exquisitely framed photos of his partner, all dolled up and looking glamorous. No, I don't mean those selfies you send when one of you is out of town for yet another work meeting. And honestly, I'm not talking nudity at all. I'm talking about those meticulously lit, carefully posed, sometimes expensive photo sessions, done by talented photographers in a real studio. You know the one. No, I won't name them, as they aren't paying us for ad space.

Any man who has been gifted a set of these precious lovelies by his better half knows: these took time, and courage, to make. Done properly, they showcase your partner's true beauty in ways that defy definition, and are an act of pure and vulnerable love.

But we aren't here to talk about all that. No, bro, we're here to talk about their manly equivalent: the "dudeoir photo."

Before you go running out to book your own session, we've got some things to talk about. So buckle up, buttercup. It's time to figure out if dudeoir photos are right for you!

You May Have the Gut, But Do You Have the Guts- AKA: Should I Do A Dudeoir Shoot?

Let's get this one out in the open first and foremost: Guys, we aren't all the pinnacles of attraction and desire we think we are. Unless you are a professional athlete, an avid bodybuilder, or a model, you may -- just possibly -- not be quite in your physical prime. And you need to accept that.

You already have? Well, that's good then. Because we are deep into the new millennium, and there is no room for body shaming, against anyone. And that begins with us all accepting our particular physical quirks, and loving ourselves the way our partner loves us.

Not that that makes standing in front of a camera any less unnerving. Just because we have learned to love ourselves, that doesn't mean we can jump up and start posing at a moment's notice. Doing one of these shoots, should you decide to take the plunge, might just take a bit of coaxing and confidence building. And a good place to start would be...

Is There a Theme Here- AKA: What To Wear To A Dudeoir Shoot.

This may not be as easy to do if you plan to give these to your spouse-to-be as a surprise, but it can be done. Pick a night that has been on the lower end of the stress scale, and as you two are preparing for bed, suddenly strike a sexy pose on the bed. Make it lighthearted, but ask a few innocent questions: "Would this be better with a cowboy hat, or a fedora?" or "How funny would this be in the bathtub," as you lift both legs seductively into the air. Run through a few of the classic poses, and gauge your partner's response to each. You should have at least a basic idea of what poses work for them (if any) and a great starting point.

I mentioned cowboy hats for a reason too. What is your better-half's favorite book, movie or genre? If you're getting married, this is one of those things you should have at least a basic understanding of, so feel free to run with it. If "cowboy romance novel" is a hit around your house, then grab that Stetson, and find some boots, too. Does your partner like that new movie about the sparkly vampire? A little cosplay is good for the soul, although, I'm pretty sure using your manly chest hair to become Chewbacca might be a tad too far... even if you can nail it.

If you have a theme, a few poses, or both, that your spouse adores, it will add a special touch to something that may come off a tad cheesy on its own. Unless cheesy is your entire goal. Then run with that, and don't stress. As it will for so many aspects of your long and happy future together, showing that you pay attention and can put thought into something will add endless amounts of value. And knowing it is something they like will give you the confidence to get them done -- but how?

Taking Aim- AKA: Picking Your Dudeoir Photographer

If you have made it this far, then your mind is pretty set, bro. You are ready to step in front of the lens, and make some real memories for your spouse-to-be... And you're thinking of using some amateur photographer so you can save a few bucks?

There is no way around it, dude: You need a professional photographer, who specializes in this sort of art, and that's going to cost some money.

Maybe you are lucky enough to know a pro personally. While this might not be their forte exactly, they might at least have some ideas on who to ask. Or maybe you live near the photographer who's somewhat credited with making dudeoir photos a thing, Masika May. She knows how to turn any guy into a photographic masterpiece. And should neither of those be a viable option, please at the very least contact your local "Glamorous Photo-shooters" studio, and see what they say.

Don't entrust such a revealing and intimate moment to just anybody. OK? OK.