Can a Woman Propose to a Man? Your Guide to Proposing to Your Man

We live in a modern world. Cultural trends are shifting. Things once believed to be taboo are now becoming normalized – for the betterment of all society. To the women reading this, we recognize we don’t address you as much as the guys around these parts. But you deserve your time. 

Not every engagement has to be prompted by the man. And it shouldn’t have to be! You should be able to enjoy the fun, excitement and stress as much as the guys out there.

If you’re asking yourself “Can a woman propose to a man?” Damn straight you can! But a proposal is no small feat. Don’t just buy a manly ring for your man and run to the races. Take your time. 

It’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the … hmm. Wrong sentiment. Ugh. Don’t put the cart before the horse? That’s outdated. 

Ah! Don’t rush, just enjoy the journey. 

Don’t let anyone question whether a woman can propose to a man. Just do it when it feels right! 

Read the room. 

Before you get a ring, you need to think about the potential for a proposal. Currently in a rough patch? Feeling like an engagement would strengthen a rocky relationship? Trust us, it’s not worth it. Rather, only propose if it feels like an engagement is the logical move for your relationship – one that will strengthen an already healthy, beautiful relationship. 

just engaged couple in park

Know you’re on the same page. 

Before you pop the big question, go out of your way to have a conversation. It’s important to have a long talk before your engagement. Not only will this help you see where you both stand in your relationship, but it will help you realize whether heading towards the altar is the right move. Where do you stand on your jobs? Where do you see yourselves living? Do you both (not) want kids? It’ll save you a lot of stress in the long run. 

Consider how your partner feels. 

Here’s a consideration: How does your partner feel about the idea of your proposing to them? Do you think they will react positively or negatively? And we don’t mean this just to you proposing instead of them. In general, do they seem to be into the commitment of getting engaged? Not that they don’t want to spend the rest of their life with you, but that they aren’t emotionally ready for the amount of commitment and time that comes with an engagement. 

Choose a meaningful proposal location. 

Is your man the reserved type? Do they not like being the center of attention? Then don’t get proposed at Disney World! Instead, find a private place that allows you to propose in extreme comfort. Great places can include a local pond, a nearby nature reserve or a place that’s meaningful to your relationship. But if your partner enjoys being a social butterfly, don’t be afraid to propose is the most exciting place – unless you’ll get the jitters in the process. 

Don’t overthink it.

You don’t need to go over the top to make a good proposal – leave the fireworks, sparklers and 21-gun salute at home. Your proposal can be simple, as long as it’s one that is meaningful to the two of you. Have a favorite beachside bar, pizza parlor, or ice cream shop? Go there and pop the question. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest thing in the world; it should simply feel wholesome and real. 

happy couple embrace outdoors

Plan ahead. 

Not every plan will work out exactly as you intended. Things will happen, from sudden changes in weather and larger crowds than you expected to increased nerves. Maybe you and your partner have a simple argument in the morning, one that’s unresolved, and it would be weird to propose with that energy ongoing. 

Life happens. You need to plan ahead and act accordingly. Don’t be dead set on exactly what needs to happen. Life is flexible, and you should react accordingly – this is a sentiment you should take all the way into your engagement too. 

Put a Wedding Ring on That Finger, Already

Wondering how to plan a proposal? It’s easy! All you need to do is get a ring and find a place that fits your relationship. Whether it's a concert of your favorite metal band, a hike on your preferred mountain, or the spot where you shared your first kiss, you can pop the question with style and grace.

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