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How to Clean a White Gold Ring

How to Clean a White Gold Ring

The history of gold is a rich one – see what we did there? Beyond puns, there’s so much to love about gold. James Bond to Austin Powers, Hollywood galas to rapper’s bling, the power of gold has been seen through popular culture, but we have the historical accounts of battles waged all over the world in the name of cold, hard coin. 

The joy of gold is the variety it comes in, especially when it comes to jewelry. When you think of gold jewelry, most people probably think of gold wedding bands

You may think gold wedding bands are a bore … They’re just gold, what else could there be? But there’s the wonder of it all. Gold comes in many variations, especially in color. A highly sought-after style of gold is White Gold. 

White gold is a more formidable style of gold, an alloy made of about 75% gold and about 25% nickel and zinc. Its enhanced toughness and style make it stand out from the rest of the gold crowd, making it excellent for wedding rings that want both brawn and sheen. 

But how do you care for a white gold ring? Is it the same as caring for a traditional 24-karat gold ring? 

Here’s all you need to know about how to clean a white gold ring: 

Cleaning Your Ring

Cleaning a white gold ring is very easy to do from home. The following is a straightforward guide to follow, especially if your ring contains a diamond. As a disclaimer, if your ring contains any other gemstone, bring it to a professional, as it is far more delicate than a diamond. 

Here’s how to clean a white gold ring: 

  1. In a bowl, create a mild solution of dish soap in warm water. Do not use soaps that contain chlorine, bleach or other abrasive chemicals. 
  2. Place your ring into the cleansing solution, letting it soak for about half an hour. 
  3. Remove the ring from the solution using your fingers – not tongs, a spoon, etc. 
  4. Rinse the ring clean with water,
  5. Set your ring out on a soft cloth and allow it to dry, and then use the cloth to remove any excess moisture. 

Now, we mentioned chlorine above: What was that all about? Here’s the thing: Chlorine is an abrasive chemical – it’s why your skin is incredibly dry and kind of hurts after you get out of a swimming pool. Your white gold ring will feel the same after exposure to chlorine. Another tip? Don’t get in a swimming pool before you take your ring off. 

Use gentle materials. 

First and foremost, while white gold is more durable than yellow gold, the fact that it is still 75% gold means that it is a soft metal – it can still be damaged by heavy scratches and hard contact. For that reason, it’s important that you use a soft cloth when cleaning white gold rings. While a material like carbon fiber can really be buffed clean, you want to be careful with white gold. Use soft cotton or microfiber cloths to clean white gold jewelry, never using items like a sponge, paper towel, etc. 

Don’t treat scratches at home.

In all likelihood, your ring is going to get scratched. If it has, don’t continue wearing it. It’s smarter to get your jewelry fixed before it becomes damaged any further. 

But don’t simply take your ring off and try and treat the scratch at home. Rather, bring it to a professional jeweler and have them work their magic. They’ll either be able to polish the scratch out until the ring is smooth again, or they will simply decide to replate your ring, as needed.  

Consider having your ring replated. 

What about replating my ring? Some white gold rings receive an outer plating, either when initially produced or farther down the road. The plating is often made of rhodium, a silvery-looking metal that protects your ring while still giving it that white gold shine. 

Now, why plating? As mentioned, white gold can be damaged with some abrasive contact and scratching. While it can be polished out, there are instances where it can’t – without causing further damage. For that reason, it can be a good idea to have a plating added to your ring somewhere down the line. 

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