Manliest Ring of the Month: Why We Love Wooden Wedding Rings

The Manliest Ring of the Month award is a prestigious honor awarded to only the most deserving recipients. We do not take this lightly, as they must demonstrate excellence, time and time again. This month, we have bestowed the honor on our wooden wedding rings. In fact, we don’t just love wood ... we revere wood. Let’s find out why, shall we? 

The Baron Solid Gold w/Wood Inlay Wedding Band

The Baron Solid Gold w/Wood Inlay Wedding Band

The Feel

First, let’s talk about the feel of a wooden ring on your finger. Remember playing Little League growing up and feeling the smooth wooden handle of the bat in your hand as you were hitting dinger after dinger? Well, we have succeeded in replicating that feeling with our wooden engagement rings. 

When it comes to wedding bands, there are two types of dudes. Some want a heavier ring so they can really FEEL it on their finger, and others want a lighter wedding band that’s there but won’t get in the way. Our wooden wedding bands are super-duper comfortable and lightweight, so they’re perfect for dudes who want a ring that feels a tad more inconspicuous on their finger. 

And that’s not even the best part … wood is hypoallergenic, so it’s a great option for those with sensitive skin or nickel allergies. Some dudes can’t wear certain types of metal jewelry cuz it irritates their skin and causes a rash, but wood won’t irritate at all. 

The Look

The feel of a wooden wedding band is great and all, but its look is its main calling card. Look, bro, we don't have to tell you that wood is naturally beautiful. It’s sleek, it’s shiny, and it’s a real showstopper. Now imagine that on your finger. With so many different shades and patterns, you can easily find the ring of your dreams.

You have that one guy in your crew who just gets along with everybody? No matter who it is, he can find something in common and spark up the conversation. Next thing you know, they’re laughing like best friends even though they just met. 

The Adam Titanium w/Wood Inlay Wedding Ring

The Adam Titanium w/Wood Inlay Wedding Ring

Well, that’s kinda how wooden wedding bands work. They’re super versatile, so they can get along with tons of other materials used to make wedding bands. Wood inlays and sleeves on a metal ring make it pop. Let’s take The Adams. The look of silver titanium with a 5mm inlay of Spalted Tamarind wood ... sheesh! And if you want something a little more unconventional, go with The Aficionado. The charcoal gray black zirconium band with a Whiskey Barrel sleeve is perfect for any dark and mysterious dude. 

Wooden wedding bands are also strong enough to command the spotlight by themselves. A wedding band with no metal certainly goes against the grain (pun intended) and will help you stand out from the pack. Let’s take The Crockett, which features Gentleman's Reserve Gray Maple Wood with a Rosewood Sleeve, or The Drake with its Gentleman's Reserve Koa Wood. 

Resizing and Maintenance

So, your ring size can change for a number of different reasons. Maybe you’ve gained or lost a few lbs; maybe the measurement was a little off because your finger was swollen—whatever. This happens. 

Some wedding band materials can’t be resized, so, if your ring doesn’t fit after a while, you’re outta luck. But not wooden wedding bands! They can be resized up to .5 in either direction from their original diameter, so they can be adjusted if need be. Wooden rings also come in quarter sizes, so they can fit your finger more accurately than other types. 

Wood and water don’t really mix. Fortunately for our handsome customers like you, all of our wooden bands are coated with water-resistant resin to help keep them looking fresh. But we gotta warn you: Water resistant does not mean waterproof. It’ll be fine when you wash your hands, but try not to submerge it completely in water. Take it off when you’re showering, swimming, or any other situation where it can get soaked. 

In the event that something does happen to your wooden wedding ring, you can refinish it if it shows any wear and tear. This is pretty natural, and a quick refinishing job will help your wood ring look good as new!

So, there you have it. That’s why we love wooden wedding rings so much. Now what’re you waiting for, go find the most badass wedding ring!!

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