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Should You Shave Your Beard for Your Wedding Day? Groom’s Grooming Tips

Should You Shave Your Beard for Your Wedding Day? Groom’s Grooming Tips

The big day is here, gentlemen. Everything is perfect, just like you want. The vision is realized. Now you just gotta ready that frame and don your tux. So you pop out of the shower and take a look at your visage in the mirror. The lushest of lush beards is staring right back at you. A magnificent beard, indeed. But what are you gonna do about it? 

Does that beard come along for the wedding ride, or do you debeard and roll in with a perfectly fresh face to swap I dos

This is a question lots of dudes are confronted with. And we’re here to help you make the right call for you, your beard and your spouse. Because at Manly Bands, we aren’t just hooking you up with the manliest rings around. We’re here to make sure you put your best face forward on your wedding day.  

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So, gentlemen, without further ado, let’s determine just how hairy you should be on that special, special day.

What’s Your Standard Presentation? 

Are you generally rocking a beard? Does that thing look good on you? If you nodded in the affirmative to both of those queries, you should probably be toting that beard into your wedding day. 

adjusting bow tie


A little consistency goes a long way here. If you’ve had the thickest of thick beards for ages and then roll into your wedding day with a fresh shave, you might be catching some people off guard. The same holds true in the inverse with a typically shorn man coming in lush. 

Inconsistency just isn’t the best idea. It’s like if your wedding day arrived and you decided to wear glasses for the first time in your life. Frankly, that would be more than a little weird. 

And now for perhaps the most important consideration…

What Does Your Spouse Want? 

If you’re always getting needled to shave that big ass beard but roll into your nuptials with peak bush, that may not bode too well for the long-term success of your marriage. Perhaps some good things start with an act of defiance — not sure marriage is one of them, though. And, look, we don’t want to be too judgy or anything, but if the willful urge is there to go in bearded when you’ve been asked not to, you could maybe benefit from a little primer on what makes a marriage work (just sayin’). 

On your wedding day, it’s good to focus on your partner’s wishes. How does she expect you to look when you swap those rings and make it official? 

Indeed, when it comes down to it, gentlemen, whether you should shave or not is a matter you should be running by your spouse. If your bride-to-be likes you hairy, go in hairy. But if you’re asked to shave it down to reveal that jawline, just frigging do it — no matter how much you love your beard. 

Listen, though — if you need to hold onto some autonomy, go ahead and design the most badass wedding band in all the world. You know we have what you need when it comes to custom men’s wedding bands.

And If You Do Rock a Beard, Clean It Up First

All right, so let’s say you’ve worked it out and have decided to roll in with the lushness intact, the full beard blazing lumberjack style. We beg you to at least have the decency to tighten that thing up a bit first. 

Because we’re all about manly men here — of course, we are — but gentlemen, we aren’t all about neck beards. No, we most certainly are not. Clean that thing up around the edges. And if the bush is a little out of control, maybe you should take a little bit off with a trimmer, too. 

happy newlywed couple embrace


So, guys, no beard surprises on your wedding day. Go with a look that’s consistent with your style. And do make sure your spouse is on board with your beard decision.